Rules of a Muslim Home (#12) – Respect (Part Two)


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The following are some of the important aspects that have to be respected in a Muslim home:


While respect for elders is fast decreasing in general, shocking incidents regularly come to light indicating the level to which respect for parents has fallen. The Quraan declares: “Do not even say oof to them (parents).” (Surah Israa’ v23) The word “oof” in the Arabic language is to denote the slightest degree of displeasure. How then can it ever be permissible to talk harshly to one’s parents or to argue with them? Yet, parents are physically abused by their children. May Allah Ta‘ala save us. Such treatment towards parents will only invite calamities upon oneself.

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It Switched off the Mind


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We are repeatedly asked in the Quraan Majeed to ponder and reflect, as this is the means to recognize Allah Ta‘ala. However, the science and technology that man uses to bring pleasure and entertainment into his life, has unfortunately taken over his heart and switched off his mind, hence his ability to ponder and reflect has been paralyzed.

Let us take the example of the television. It feeds us with a swift contamination of pictures. Before we can decide to even think about an image, there is another eye-catching picture to distract us. Thus the television does not even permit us to ponder or to reflect. It implants images containing hidden messages into our heart, and not concepts based on sound reasoning into our mind.

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No Opportunity for Doubt


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Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: “Two persons should not whisper into each other’s ears in the presence of their companion (a third person) for verily that will cause him grief.” (Sunan Abi Dawood #4851)

Man’s nature is such that when two people are whispering to each other in his presence, he automatically feels that he is being discussed, though most of the time this is not the case. Nevertheless the teachings of Islam are so refined that it does not even allow such a situation to arise which could be a source of pain or grief to the next person.

Furthermore, this hadeeth teaches us to avoid doing such things that will give others an opportunity to have suspicion and doubts regarding us. This will also apply to going to doubtful and suspicious places.


Muslims Lost but Islam Won


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During the initial stages of the British rule in India, there arose a dispute between the Muslims and Hindus regarding a plot of land in Kaandhlah. The Muslims claimed that the plot belonged to the Muslims and was earmarked for a musjid whereas the Hindus claimed that it was theirs for a temple.

After giving both parties a chance to present their case, the English magistrate asked the Muslims, “Is there any Hindu person in whom you have such implicit trust and confidence that, based on his testimony, we will be able to resolve this matter?” The Muslims immediately replied in the negative. When the Hindus were asked whether they trusted any Muslim enough to accept his testimony, they replied, “If the person testifying is either Muslim or Hindu, there will be the fear that he is biased. However, we know of one pious Muslim who has never before been known to utter a lie. Perhaps he will refrain from lying on this occasion as well.” Saying this, they consented to accept the testimony of Mahmood Bakhsh (rahimahullah), who was the brother of Mufti Ilaahi Bakhsh (rahimahullah). 

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Scraping Off the Old Paint


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