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“Clean Fun”


School had just closed and all the children in the lift club were excited and making plans for their holiday. Little Taskeen barely entered her home, hugged her mother, gave her a kiss and asked: “Mummy! Please can I go?” “Where to my darling?” replied her mum. “To my friend ‘Aatiqah’s house for holiday. All my friends are going there for the weekend. They going to have ‘sooo’ much of fun, because she has a lovely swimming pool, a big jungle gym and lots of toys and games. Pleeez mummy, let me go. I know you the best mummy in the world.”

“Alright, take off your school bag, change your clothes and enjoy your favourite chicken and mayo sandwich that I made for you. Then we’ll decide” replied her mother.

Taskeen raced to her room, threw her school bag on the floor, changed in half a minute, gobbled her sandwich down and asked again: “Mummy, now can I go?” Seeing the anxiousness of little Taskeen, her mother was forced to accept and said: “Ok, my sweet heart; I’ll let you go for the day but you’ll have to come home at night. Also, you better behave yourself there and I will phone ‘Aatiqah’s mummy to ask if you are troubling or not.”

What will a sensible person say about this mother? … Will he call her cruel, oppressive and hard? … No! Rather he will say that she is a very intelligent, mature and loving mother. She doesn’t just give in to any demand of her child, rather she is concerned about the long term future of her child, as she understands the disastrous outcome of giving her “little angel” complete freedom.

Likewise, our Most Loving and All-Wise Allah allows us to take a break, “chill” and “cool off”, but within the limits, since He knows what is in our best interest. Hence, He will insist that we come “home” to Him five times a day and at every moment He will check on us if we are “behaving”.

Hence, we need to enjoy our holidays by having “clean fun”. Otherwise we may ruin our entire dunya and Aakhirah just in one holiday.