Children’s Stories


Share and Care

Mahmood and the Miswaak


Kamaal and the Cockroach

Scared Salmaan

Always Ask Allah

Helpful Humairaa

Grateful Goolam

Humble Haleemah

Truthful Taahir

Gentle Jameelah

Honest Aaminah and Taahirah the Thief

Shu‘aib and the Sheep

What will You do in the Holiday?

Basheer and the Beggar

Nabeelah and the Nightmare

Sleepy Ismaa‘eel and Safiyyah

Dangerous Daanyaal

Where are Your Manners?

Sa’diyyah and the Sadaqah

The Fighting Family

Fed by the Thief

Dirty Arshad

‘Ali Says insha-Allah

Lazy Luqmaan

Sincere Saleemah

The Mighty Maktab Madrasah

Teasing Tasmiyah