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Happy homes produce Happy children


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Happy couples make happy homes. Happy homes produce happy children. Happy children in turn form happy communities. Happy communities make the world a better place to stay  in.   Everything starts off with us as a couple. We are the foundation of the home. If we allow the home to be disciplined then the community will be disciplined. If our domestic life is in  order then our life outside the home will also be in order. Children’s minds are very delicate and sensitive. They very quickly sense any form of tension that may exist between us as  parents. As adults daily we may fight and argue, forgive and forget, and our lives continue as normal. However when it comes to children, any form of abuse that takes place in their presence, has a major negative impact on their minds and life as a whole. Thus as parents it is important that we maintain a happy and friendly environment within our home.


Rules of a Muslim Home (#1) - Cleanliness


Last Updated on Saturday, 23 February 2013 10:00

In the present era of trials and tribulations, with evil and fitnah surrounding us in every direction, there is no better sanctuary for a Muslim/Muslimah than his/her home. 

Once a Sahaabi asked Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallm) for the key to success? Among other advices Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallm) said: “Let your home be sufficient for you” (Tirmizi #2406). As far as possible one should remain in the home. Allah Ta’ala has referred to the home of a person as a place of sukoon (peace).

Since the home of a believer is his/her sanctuary and a place of peace, there ought to be certain rules and regulations governing the home. Without any rules and a system, there will be chaos in the home.

The following are some of the rules that should be adhered to by every Muslim/Muslimah in his/her home. 

First rule

Cleanliness and purification

Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallm) said: “Allah Ta’ala is pure and loves purity, He is clean and loves cleanliness, He is generous and likes generosity, He is hospitable and loves hospitality, so clean your courtyards and do not resemble the Jews” (Tirmizi #2799).

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Comfort in Old Age


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A person once went to visit an elderly man. He was living in a beautiful palatial home. He had servants all around him to feed him, serve him and to see to his needs. Outwardly it seemed that he was living a dream life which every man desires. However, reality proved to be the completely opposite. With a very heavy heart he said,

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Advice for the Home


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By Qari Ismail Ishaaq (rahimahullah)

Qari Ismail Ishaq (rahimahullah) was a well-known expert Qari of South Africa. Apart from teaching Qiraat and promoting this field in our country, he was also the deputy principal of Darul Uloom Azaadville. He passed away after a brief illness at the age of 54. Many people saw him in their dreams after his demise, all of which indicated to his high position and rank. May Allah Ta`ala elevate his stages in the Aakhirah and grant him a special abode in Jannatul Firdous. Hereunder are some advices he gave to his family:

  1. Live together with love and understanding.

  2. Learn to appreciate and understand one another.

  3. Respect your parents at all times.

  4. The young in the home must have respect for their elders.

  5. Always show kindness and fondness to those younger than you.

  6. Make khidmah of others.

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