Spring Guidelines


Last Updated on Saturday, 01 October 2016 16:38

As the days and months pass, we notice a change in the climate and temperature around us. This change that occurs is known to all of us as the different seasons. We also notice everything reacting to this change in its own unique way, such as birds migrating to warmer climates and plants either blooming or withering and drying out.

Similarly, our bodies also undergo certain changes to adjust to these changes in the climate. These adjustments which we make, whether consciously or sub-consciously, are to ensure that we derive the maximum benefit from the relevant season as well as save ourselves from its harms.

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How and When to Drink Liquids


Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2016 15:46

There are numerous guidelines which have to be followed when drinking liquids. If adhered to, these guidelines will assist the body in gaining maximum benefit from the liquid and prevent the body from being harmed by it.

How to Drink

· Drink according to the Sunnah method i.e. three large sips should be taken, pausing to breathe between each sip.

· Preferably remove the utensil from the lips between each sip.

· Do not inhale (breathe in) while drinking.

· Drink while sitting.

· Do not drink while standing, walking or reclining.

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A Healthy Lifestyle


Last Updated on Thursday, 26 November 2015 09:25

Health is the expression of harmonious balance between the components in a person’s body, the environment and the lifestyle of the person. When a person is healthy, by all these factors being in balance, his body will be able to heal itself and fight sickness on its own. The goal is thus to assist the body maintain its balance by having a healthy lifestyle.

Some guidelines to a healthy lifestyle are:

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Stretch to Beat Back Pain


Last Updated on Saturday, 17 October 2015 15:24

A Canadian chiropractor who specializes in natural approaches to health problems says that 80% of his patients actually have overly tight hamstrings, resulting in lower-back pain. He explains, “Your hamstrings are the muscles that run from behind your knees to the bottom of your pelvis. If they are tight, there is a constant downward pull on your pelvis. Since your pelvis is the foundation of your lower back and spine, this contributes to an unstable lower back and a greater chance of intermittent sprains and strains.” Even regular professional treatment won’t correct the back pain problem if the root cause is not eradicated. To test for overly tight hamstrings, lie flat on your back, legs relaxed, and have someone lift your leg by the foot to a 90 degree angle. If this is difficult, you need to stretch.

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Dates – A Truly Nutritional Food


Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 09:22

Muslims generally break their fast by eating dates, as this is the sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam).

Together with this, it is an ideal food which is easy to digest and within half an hour of consumption, the tired body regains a renewed vigour. The reason is that a shortage of sugar in the blood is the main factor. When the body absorbs the nutritional essence of a few dates, the feeling of hunger is appeased. When taking other foods after breaking the fast with dates, much cannot be eaten. It would seem that dates then help and prevent one from excessive eating.

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