Autumn Guidelines


Last Updated on Saturday, 11 March 2017 06:36

In the previous article, our discussion on seasonal effects upon the body centred on summer, and mention was made of the manner in which heat initially increases during summer until it reaches its peak, remaining at a peak for a while, and thereafter gradually decreasing, making way for the next season – autumn.

As we look around to see the effect of this season on the plant life around us, we notice most of the leaves turning brown after which they finally dry up and fall off. A similar effect is noticed on the plant itself. This is a direct result of this season's cooling effect and an indirect result of the moisture-sapping, extreme heat of summer. Similarly, this season has numerous effects upon the body.

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Summer Guidelines


Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 November 2016 15:53

In our discussion of seasonal effects upon the body, we had previously discussed the effects of spring and had also made mention that as spring progresses, it gets hotter. Continuing this discussion, the system of heat increasing in spring continues until the next season comes upon us, which is summer.

Summer brings along certain difficulties, as the heat makes us perspire more. The body tends to start drying, thereby making one’s temperament more inclined to ‘hot and dry’. This, in turn, mobilises the yellow bile humour and consequently many diseases associated to it are noticed, such as diarrhoea, extreme thirst, restlessness, fevers boils, eye infections and eczema, etc.

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Spring Guidelines


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As the days and months pass, we notice a change in the climate and temperature around us. This change that occurs is known to all of us as the different seasons. We also notice everything reacting to this change in its own unique way, such as birds migrating to warmer climates and plants either blooming or withering and drying out.

Similarly, our bodies also undergo certain changes to adjust to these changes in the climate. These adjustments which we make, whether consciously or sub-consciously, are to ensure that we derive the maximum benefit from the relevant season as well as save ourselves from its harms.

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How and When to Drink Liquids


Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2016 15:46

There are numerous guidelines which have to be followed when drinking liquids. If adhered to, these guidelines will assist the body in gaining maximum benefit from the liquid and prevent the body from being harmed by it.

How to Drink

· Drink according to the Sunnah method i.e. three large sips should be taken, pausing to breathe between each sip.

· Preferably remove the utensil from the lips between each sip.

· Do not inhale (breathe in) while drinking.

· Drink while sitting.

· Do not drink while standing, walking or reclining.

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A Healthy Lifestyle


Last Updated on Thursday, 26 November 2015 09:25

Health is the expression of harmonious balance between the components in a person’s body, the environment and the lifestyle of the person. When a person is healthy, by all these factors being in balance, his body will be able to heal itself and fight sickness on its own. The goal is thus to assist the body maintain its balance by having a healthy lifestyle.

Some guidelines to a healthy lifestyle are:

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