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Spring Guidelines


As the days and months pass, we notice a change in the climate and temperature around us. This change that occurs is known to all of us as the different seasons. We also notice everything reacting to this change in its own unique way, such as birds migrating to warmer climates and plants either blooming or withering and drying out.

Similarly, our bodies also undergo certain changes to adjust to these changes in the climate. These adjustments which we make, whether consciously or sub-consciously, are to ensure that we derive the maximum benefit from the relevant season as well as save ourselves from its harms.

However, in today’s age of ‘modernization’ and ‘progress’, most of us ignore the pleadings of our bodies and continue with a fixed set of habits throughout the year, thereby not affording the body a chance to truly benefit from the seasonal changes.

We commence with the discussion on spring as we are presently experiencing this season. Firstly, one should realize that spring commences as the cold of winter subsides. This season occurs between summer and winter and acts as an interim period between the two, gradually taking us from one extreme to the other. Therefore, one will find that during the early period of spring, the temperature is more relative to cold (winter) and as we near summer, it heats up and becomes more relative to heat (summer). It is this gradual change from the cold of winter to the warmth of summer that we call spring.

During this season, we notice that the days are warm to hot, yet the evenings and nights are nippy. As the climate warms up, we find all types of vegetation and plants etc. begin to bloom and we practically witness the effect that the mild heat associated with the moisture of watering has on plants.

This season also has an effect on our bodies. This mild heat coupled with moisture is ideal for good health. However, as the heat increases, it also starts mobilizing those humours of the body that were dormant due the cold of the winter season. We therefore sometimes notice the body breaking out into rashes and pimples etc. more frequently than in any other season. Certain allergies are also more common during this period. This is a natural process by which the body detoxifies and cleans itself from unwanted humors and toxins.

We now conclude with a few guidelines to follow during this season:

· Dress warmly during the evenings, especially from just before sunset until after sunrise to counteract the chilliness of the evenings.

· Help the body detoxify itself by using a purgative, diet or by fasting etc. This will help decrease the severity of the natural process of detoxification.

Note: A purgative and diet should only be administered with the consultation and advice of a qualified hakeem or health professional.

· Increase fluid intake, especially water. This has a twofold benefit:

(1) It helps to eliminate toxins and

(2) it increases the moisture of the body and cools it down to counteract the increasing heat of spring.

· Decrease foods that are hot in temperament and nature. However, do not stop altogether.

Adapted and summarized from “Your Health” by Moulana Hakeem Jalil Muhammad Pandor (An Nasihah vol. 88)