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The Manner of Raising and Educating Young Girls in the Past (Part 2)


“A Muslimah’s Guide to Living a Blissful Life” by Sayyidah Khairun Nisaa (rahimahallah) #8

In the past, mothers would be particular in selecting such a place for their daughters to spend their time and carry out their activities where they would remain shielded from all evil influences. Accordingly, they were never exposed to non-mahram males, and it was even difficult for strange women to pass by (and encounter them).

Their mother or sister would often spend time with them and teach them domestic work, explain to them the highs and lows and ups and downs of life, and create the enthusiasm for good in their hearts together with instilling the aversion for evil in them. They would also show them the consequences that result from these evil qualities and actions and instil such disgust for these evils within them that would not leave them even after marriage.

When speaking to them about hayaa (shame and modesty), they would show them the value of hayaa. Likewise, they would depict immodesty to be so reprehensible and evil that they would be terrified (to commit any immodest act). They would also teach their daughters to observe correct purdah and educate them regarding all the people from whom they were required to observe purdah.

The result of this was that they would not even become informal with their own uncles. Likewise, not even a small boy would be allowed into the house. When it came to (non-mahram) male relatives, extreme caution would be exercised and complete purdah would be observed, as it was considered unacceptable for the male relatives to be in the home. Even at the time of need and necessity, they would not make any concessions or compromises (in their purdah and hayaa). (In fact, the purdah was of such a level that) besides her uncles, father and brothers, a girl would not allow any other male to view even as much as her handwriting!

(to be continued insha-Allah)