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Step 1

Whisk together - 2 Tbsp. sugar, 2 cup flour, 3 tsp baking powder.

Step 2

Whisk together - 2 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla essence and 2 cup buttermilk.


Make a well in the flour mixture. Pour in the buttermilk mixture and whisk together. Add 60g melted butter. Whisk mixture until there are no lumps. Cook on medium to low heat.


Pineapple and Granadilla Juice


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Step 1:

1 cup pineapple

1 litre water

1 cup sugar

Liquidize and sift

Step 2:

1 cup granadilla

1 litre water

1 cup sugar

Liquidize and sift


Mix both the steps together and serve slushed. Garnish with chopped strawberries.




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1 big packet sweet chilli pepper Dorritos

1 big packet lightly salted Lays

Feta cheese (crumbled)

Gouda cheese (grated)

Bottle of pepperdews

Mixed herbs

Chopped tomatoes

Cubed green pepper

Green chillies

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White Chocolate Ice-Cream


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2 cup cream

2 tbsp. sugar

¾ cup milk

Pinch of salt

Heat the above but do not boil.

Whisk together 5 yolks and 2 tbsp. sugar

Whisk +/- ¼ cup hot milk mixture into the yolks.

Pour it back into the pot and mix.

Cook over medium heat till it thickens (it will cling to a metal spoon when you dip it in).

Strain mixture into a bowl.

Add 1 ¼ cup melted white chocolate and ¼ tsp vanilla essence.

Chill overnight.

When churning, add ¾ cup roasted almonds or ¼ cup raspberry puree.


Tomato Puree Chops


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1 kg chops

2 tsp crushed garlic

3 whole red chillies

2 tsp salt

1 tsp crushed black pepper

1 tsp red chillie powder

1 tsp crushed red chillies

Tomato puree (as desired)

1 tomato


Braise the garlic and whole red chillies in ghee. Add all the spices and cook till almost done. Add the tomato puree and tomatoes and cook a little more.

NB: This recipe can be used for chicken, mutton, or steak as well. 


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