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Five Gifts of Ramadaan


Last Updated on Friday, 08 February 2013 08:01

Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: “My Ummah has been granted five things during Ramadaan which were not given to any nation before them. The smell of the mouth of a fasting person is more pleasant to Allah Ta’ala than the fragrance of musk, the angels seek forgiveness for him until he breaks his fast, Allah Ta’ala beautifies his Jannah everyday and then says to it that the time is near when my pious servants will throw over the difficulties (of the world) and will come to you, the rebellious shayateen are locked up so as not to cause those evils which they normally do out of Ramadaan, and those who fasted are forgiven on the last night of Ramadaan.” (Musnad Ahmad)


Money Machine


Last Updated on Saturday, 19 January 2013 09:19

Imagine if you are given a special money making machine. It is manually operated. All you have to do is slide in a blank sheet of paper, turn the handle and a two hundred rand note emerges on the other side. This machine is given to you for only thirty days. Nobody will be so foolish to store away the machine and turn it only on the twenty seventh night or the odd nights of the last ten days. Rather, the moment one receives the machine, one will start turning the handle and the handle will only stop turning on the thirtieth day. All the family members of one’s home will be given time, so that day and night the machine will be turning out notes. More valuable than all of this is the special month of Ramadaan where every moment turns out eternal investments for us in the hereafter. The height of ingratitude is that we neglect the blessed month or we restrict our worship to certain nights only. 


Switch - OFF Special


Last Updated on Saturday, 26 January 2013 09:06

In many homes the radio is playing almost 24 hours a day. We are listening to Quraan, nazams, talks, speech contests, and quiz competitions. The tragedy is that these programs have now taken the place of our own personal recitation of the quraan, zikr and dua. Ramadaan is a month of the Quraan. Shaikhul Hadeeth Moulana Muhammed Zakariyya Khandhelwi (rahimahullah) writes regarding the women of his household and the importance they gave to reciting the Quraan. He states that together with their house work, they managed to easily complete fifteen to twenty juz (paras) daily. Let us all try this Ramadaan to switch off all stations and increase our recitation of the Quraan, the zikr of the first kalimah and istighfaar. Some time daily should also be dedicated for dua.


Thirty Blank Cheques


Last Updated on Saturday, 19 January 2013 09:19

Someone hands thirty blank cheques to us. We are only required to fill in the amount on each cheque and this will qualify us to receive that entire amount in cash. Will any of us show any in difference and return the thirty cheques blank without filling in an amount? We are given thirty “blank cheques” (days) of the blessed month of Ramadaan where the fasting persons Duaas are accepted. Why do we then send these thirty days back to Allah Ta’ala all blank, without making any Duaa? Allah Ta’ala, the Giver is there to give us, but we the takers are not there to take. Let us increase our duaas in the month of Ramadaan, especially at the time of sehri (early morning) and iftaar (when we break fast). 


Ramzaan Ali


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Once there was a Taxi Driver who lived along the shores of Isipingo Beach. Ramadhaan was about to commence and as a preparation for the blessed month, talks were being given in the Musjid. The Taxi Driver was present in all of the talks and was thus inspired and motivated. He decided to share the advices with the people living in a distant village. The people living there were simple-minded farmers and were completely ignorant of the basic teachings of Islam. They had never even observed any fast in their life.

Out of concern the Taxi Driver went to the village and gathered all the men. He told them, “Do you know that Ramadhaan is coming tomorrow?” All the men asked, “Who is Ramadhaan?” the Taxi Driver replied, “When Ramadhaan comes, then for thirty days from morning to evening you cannot eat or drink anything.” When the men of the village heard this, they turned red with anger. They rolled up their sleeves and asked the taxi driver, “How will Ramadhaan come to our village?” The Taxi Driver pointed his hand towards the west and said, “Tomorrow, after the sun has set, Ramadhaan will appear from there.” (Referring to the birth of the new moon)

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