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The Dream Life


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2021 15:59

Imagine a person living the dream life. He has the car, home, family, business and everything else of his dreams. But then, his eyes suddenly open, and to his absolute dismay, he finds himself lying in bed, back to reality – and his precious ‘dream life’ was exactly that - a dream without substance.

Now imagine a person who is suffering intense agony and torture. He is experiencing every ‘nightmare’ that he ever feared and he cannot imagine things being any worse than they already are. But then, his eyes suddenly open, and to his absolute delight, he finds himself lying on his bed, safe and sound. To his immense relief, the ‘nightmare’ life he was ‘living’ was merely an illusion and a dream.

Each and every one of us, living in this world, is like a person in a dream. While everything around us is real, and everything we experience is real, the reality is that it is so transitory and temporary that when compared to the Hereafter, it is like a mere dream, illusion or shadow.

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What You Put in is What You Get Out


Last Updated on Thursday, 23 December 2021 15:40

“What you put in is what you get out” is a well-known saying that most people have heard at some point or another. Generally, this saying is quoted in the context of investing greater effort and resources in order to reap greater gains and benefits.

However, this saying is also relevant in other departments – such as the department of food and drink. Hence, another popular proverb says, “You are what you eat.” These words are a proven reality, and therefore people today have become increasingly health-conscious and aspire to eat more ‘natural’, unprocessed foods, etc. in the hope of enjoying better health and improved quality of life.

Nevertheless, just as consuming pure wholesome food has a direct effect on one’s physical wellbeing, consuming halaal food also has a direct effect on one’s spiritual wellbeing. Thus, Allah Ta‘ala addresses the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) in the Quraan Majeed saying, “O Rasuls! Eat from the good foods (halaal and wholesome) and carry out righteous actions.” (Surah Mu-minoon v51)

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Pondering for Paradise


Last Updated on Thursday, 25 November 2021 08:52

Allah Ta‘ala has blessed the human being with a mental faculty that has no peer or equal in the animal kingdom. From memory and retention, to imagination and creativity, the ability to learn new languages and acquire new skills, and reason intelligently – the scope and power of the human mind, especially viewing its vast versatility, is indeed ‘mindboggling’.

Such is the power of the mind that it even exerts influence and control over the body. For example, a person pondering over a traumatic incident, such as a scary hijacking, when reliving the incident in the mind’s eye, will often find their heart begin to race and their breathing begin to quicken. The memory seems so realistic that the body is convinced that the incident is transpiring once again, and hence the flight-or-fight instincts are triggered. Similarly, a person sometimes remembers a humorous incident, and though it may be years later, he finds himself involuntarily laughing.

When we have been given the ultimate minds from the animal kingdom, then we should dedicate it to the ultimate purpose – recognizing Allah Ta‘ala.

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Verify before You Amplify


Last Updated on Thursday, 04 November 2021 17:01

“To see is to believe.” This expression, often quoted, aims to explain that if a person beholds something with his own eyes, he will readily accept it and believe it. While this is certainly accurate, we should not forget that “hearing” is also believing.

This is glaringly evident in today’s times when information is rapidly disseminated across different platforms, and people gullibly believe it, seldom pausing to ponder over whether there is any substance to the information, or whether it is mere hearsay, or worse – a deliberate fabrication designed to deceive.

In the Quraan Majeed, Allah Ta‘ala has warned the Ummah to be very cautious when receiving information, and has urged us to verify the veracity of the information before accepting it. Furthermore, the Quraan Majeed cautions us that accepting and acting on unverified information is a formula for damage and destruction.

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Appreciation for Dunya vs Deen


Last Updated on Thursday, 02 September 2021 06:40

Imagine a person who every month, without fail, receives a generous gift of wealth as well as many precious gifts from a well-wisher. Furthermore, the well-wisher always fulfills his needs. When he required a house, the well-wisher was there for him. When he needed a vehicle, the well-wisher rendered assistance. When he required hospitalization, the well-wisher attended to his need. Furthermore, the unique aspect of this well-wisher is that he never expects anything in return – neither praise, nor recognition, nor any monetary compensation.

If we were that lucky person, how grateful we would be! We would always speak good of the person to others and express our appreciation to him in person as well. We would make du‘aa for him, remain faithful to him and always seek ways to repay him for his generosity and kindness in whatever way we could. In fact, it would not be farfetched to say that if our well-wisher required our help at 2am, we would immediately spring out of bed and rush off to help him, understanding his great right over us and our deep indebtedness to him.

All this on account of the dunya that we enjoy from him… However, are the bounties of the dunya more valuable, or the bounties of Deen???

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