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Appreciation for Dunya vs Deen


Last Updated on Thursday, 02 September 2021 06:40

Imagine a person who every month, without fail, receives a generous gift of wealth as well as many precious gifts from a well-wisher. Furthermore, the well-wisher always fulfills his needs. When he required a house, the well-wisher was there for him. When he needed a vehicle, the well-wisher rendered assistance. When he required hospitalization, the well-wisher attended to his need. Furthermore, the unique aspect of this well-wisher is that he never expects anything in return – neither praise, nor recognition, nor any monetary compensation.

If we were that lucky person, how grateful we would be! We would always speak good of the person to others and express our appreciation to him in person as well. We would make du‘aa for him, remain faithful to him and always seek ways to repay him for his generosity and kindness in whatever way we could. In fact, it would not be farfetched to say that if our well-wisher required our help at 2am, we would immediately spring out of bed and rush off to help him, understanding his great right over us and our deep indebtedness to him.

All this on account of the dunya that we enjoy from him… However, are the bounties of the dunya more valuable, or the bounties of Deen???

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Gifts of the Giver


Last Updated on Thursday, 29 July 2021 15:12

Have we ever pondered over the lengthy, intricate, multi-stage processes that occur every day for our continued well-being and comfort?

Indeed, if we ponder over a ‘simple’ loaf of bread, we will realize that before the loaf landed in our hands, it underwent many processes and followed a lengthy supply chain. The journey of the loaf of bread commences with the farmer planting the wheat, thereafter caring for it and dedicatedly watering it over many months until harvest, then sending it to the mill where it is crushed into flour. From the mill, the flour is sent to the bakery where it is baked into loaves, then loaded onto trucks that transport it to the depots, and finally, it is delivered to the store shelves where we conveniently purchase it.

At the time when we hold a loaf in our hands, do we ever ponder over the fact that this loaf is the result of tens (or even hundreds) of people’s effort and labour, over many months, yet we are able to casually pick it up and eat it, with barely any effort from our side?

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Perfect from Within and Without


Last Updated on Thursday, 24 June 2021 07:10

Imagine receiving a box of Belgian chocolate truffles and Swiss chocolate pralines, tastefully wrapped and stylishly packaged. As you unwrap the box, the artwork emblazoned on the packaging catches your eye. On opening the box, your delight and excitement only increases as you see that each chocolate has been individually decorated and lies carefully nestled in its own niche, separated from the other chocolates so that it can maintain its unique flavour.

However, on biting into it, the old saying comes to mind, “All that glitters is not gold”, for the chocolate is stale. Not only is it stale – it is infested with weevils and worms! For all the hype and excitement generated by the beautiful appearance, it turned out that the internal was rotten and corrupt and was thus fit for only the trashcan.

Next, imagine that the same Belgian chocolate truffles and Swiss pralines were served to you and they were fresh and bug-free. However, this time around, it’s the packaging that’s disgusting. Instead of being individually wrapped and tastefully boxed, with care, hygiene and attention to detail, it is unceremoniously plopped into a filthy, dirt-encrusted packet, that is stained with streaks of dried oil and other unspeakable substances that previously leaked inside.

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The Night of ‘Eid


Last Updated on Saturday, 03 April 2021 16:13

With the blessed month of Ramadhaan drawing to an end, people’s eyes turn to the skies, seeking the hilaal (new moon) of Shawwaal. As soon as the moon is sighted, a unique sense of excitement permeates the environment as one and all welcome the arrival of ‘Eid.

Those who sat in i’tikaaf will return home to their beloved families, eagerly embracing them after the period of separation. In homes across the globe, families will take out their special ‘Eid clothing in anticipation of the next day. Mothers will be busy in the kitchen, preparing scrumptious meals and treats to enjoy.

While all the scenes depicted above are common, and form some of the cherished memories of ‘Eid that people will fondly remember throughout their lives, we should not forget the MAIN ASPECT of ‘Eid.

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The Wake-Up Call


Last Updated on Thursday, 01 April 2021 16:17

“Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Beep-beep!”

The persistent, jarring sound of the alarm clock, rudely bringing an abrupt end to a sound, blissful sleep, is a sound dreaded by most. As much as a person may wish that he could go on sleeping indefinitely, everyone sets an alarm as they understand that the ‘wake-up call’ is essential for rousing them from their slumber.

Without the wake-up call, a child would be late for school and an adult for work, and this tardiness in keeping to time would have a ripple effect, causing far-reaching consequences that would create chaos in their lives.

As human beings, we have come to this world for the purpose of pleasing Allah Ta‘ala and earning entry into Jannah. Such is the fleeting, temporary nature of this world that it could be aptly resembled to a dream, while Jannah is the true reality and real abode of a believer. However, it often happens that we become mesmerized by the dream and lose focus of the Hereafter, due to which Allah Ta‘ala, out of His infinite mercy, sends us a ‘wake-up call’.

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