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Family Doctor


Last Updated on Thursday, 23 March 2017 09:40

Most homes have a family doctor, a man qualified in the medical field whose medical advice they value and trust implicitly. From a boil on the chest to cardiac arrest, he is the man they consult in their hour of need.

If our physical health is a priority, then our spiritual health holds paramount importance. Hence, it is vital for us to attach ourselves to a family ‘doctor’ who will see to our spiritual health. These spiritual doctors are none other than the rightly guided ‘Ulama and Mashaayikh.

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Reaching Allah Ta‘ala Quickly


Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February 2017 16:06

Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb (rahimahullah) once mentioned:

The reward that a women receives for exercising patience over her difficulties in managing the home and fulfilling the rights of her husband and children is sometimes so great that it makes her ‘reach’ Allah Ta‘ala very quickly. This, however, is conditional to her obedience to Allah Ta‘ala; fulfilling His rights, the rights of His Rasul (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam), and the rights of His creation.

Women who have a number of children and sometimes even a temperamental husband, together with many household chores and other responsibilities, often think that they cannot achieve the ranks of the special friends of Allah Ta‘ala because they do not have time for ‘wazeefahs’ and nawaafil (optional prayers).

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Progress Report


Last Updated on Thursday, 09 February 2017 14:19

All companies and businesses have targets and goals that they wish to achieve. In their quest to progress, there are certain procedures that they adopt in order to assist them in achieving their goal. One of these procedures is that of the ‘progress report’.

At regular intervals, the HODs (heads of departments) meet and discuss their progress. They compare the progress that was made to the progress that they had projected, anticipated and hoped to make. If the progress was not as positive as expected, they determine the factors that hindered their progress and work at eliminating these factors. By adopting these procedures, these companies and businesses ultimately make great strides of progress and grow from strength to strength.

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Damage Control


Last Updated on Thursday, 12 January 2017 15:47

The commencement of the new school and working year signals something which is dreaded by some but faced by all – the termination of the holidays. Different people face the ending of the holidays with different feelings and reactions. Those who spend their holidays wisely and productively generally feel refreshed and recharged and are simply raring to put their shoulder to the wheel and get back to work. On the contrary, those who spend their holidays badly dread the day when their holiday will come to an end.

A bad holiday can be a holiday in which Allah Ta‘ala was disobeyed and Deen was forgotten. Now that the holiday is over, we struggle to get back into the routine of performing our salaah on time, reciting the Quraan Majeed daily, etc. Furthermore, we are racked by guilt for the sins that we committed and the evil that we indulged in.

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A Blessed Destination


Last Updated on Saturday, 24 December 2016 08:29

Every Muslim has the deep yearning in his heart to visit the blessed lands of Makkah Mukarramah and Madeenah Munawwarah. As Muslims, our attachment to these blessed places is so great that the mere mention of the Ka’bah Shareef and the Rowdhah Mubaarak of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) is sufficient to bring tears of love to our eyes.

The sanctity and blessing of these places can be gauged by the fact that a person’s good deeds in these places are multiplied by up to a thousand times or more! On the same token, we should remember that the greater the sanctity of a place, the better our behaviour should be. If our good deeds are multiplied in these blessed places, then our sins and evil deeds are similarly multiplied. The reason for this is obvious – a person has chosen the holiest of places to violate the commands of Allah Ta‘ala.

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