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What is "Strive to Bring Alive"

The purpose of this column is to motivate and encourage everyone to make an attempt to bring alive the very simple actions that will be presented every two weeks. Insha-Allah by making these very easy actions part of our daily lives, we will benefit from the blessings of practising on these a’amaal and they will also become a stepping stone towards doing greater actions.
As a means of encouragement to others, and also to spur us ahead, a vote counter has been attached. The idea is that for two weeks every person reading this column should make an effort to practice on the ‘amal (action) presented. At the end of the two weeks, those who have practiced upon it for at least one week or more should vote “YES.” This will Insha-Allah encourage others also to do the same.

Freedom from the Fire


Series on the Speciality of Each Ten Days of Ramadhaan – Part Four

During this period of lockdown, one of the things that people fear most is the police. Every person has the fear of being stopped by the police, questioned as to why he is out and about, and possibly being arrested and fined if he is found to be in violation of the lockdown regulations.

However, there are certain people, during the lockdown, who can move about freely, without fear or concern, because they have been granted special permits, guaranteeing that they will not be arrested for leaving their homes. Such people have peace of mind, are safe from anxiety and above all – place a very high value on the importance of their permits.

In a similar manner to the lockdown permits, there are certain, special individuals who have been granted ‘permits’ that guarantee them freedom from the fire of Jahannum. Since the last ten days of Ramadhaan bring freedom from the fire of Jahannum, we should examine these individuals to determine which special action it is in their lives that has caused them to earn this special promise of emancipation from Jahannum. In doing so, we will be able to emulate them by also carrying out these actions, and insha-Allah, we will also acquire the guarantee of freedom from the fire of Jahannum.

Some of these actions are:

1. Punctuality on the five daily salaah by performing every salaah in its prescribed time, and by performing the wudhu, postures, etc. correctly. (Musnad Ahmad #18346)

2. Performing four rakaats of (sunnah) salaah before Zuhr, and four rakaats after Zuhr (i.e. two sunnats and two nafl). (Sunan Tirmizi #427)

3. For a male to perform every salaah in jamaat (congregation), for forty days, without missing the first takbeer. (Sunan Tirmizi #241)

4. Weeping due to the fear of Allah Ta‘ala. (Sunan Tirmizi #1639)

5. Protecting one’s gaze from sin and haraam. (Al-Mu’jamul Kabeer #1003)

6. Being gentle, soft and tolerant when interacting with people. (Sunan Tirmizi #2488)

7. Reciting the following du‘aa seven times after the Fajr and Maghrib Salaahs. (Sunan Abi Dawood #5079):

اَللّٰهُمَّ أَجِرْنِيْ مِنَ النَّارِ

Note: Just as a person’s permit may be revoked or rendered ineffective due to him breaking the law or engaging in illegal activities, likewise a believer, after carrying out these actions, may be deprived of enjoying the guarantee from the fire of Jahannum if he engages in sins and evils.

May Allah Ta‘ala bless us all, out of His sheer mercy and grace, with freedom from the fire of Jahannum, aameen.