PPE – Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment – also known as PPE – exists in many forms. The bulletproof vest worn by a guard escorting a cash-in-transit van, the helmet worn by a labourer on a construction site, the dark goggles or visor worn by a welder, and the sealed-overalls and veils worn by a beekeeper are typical examples of PPE.

In all cases, the purpose of PPE is to protect and shield the user from sustaining an injury or suffering harm. The bulletproof vest is designed to prevent the penetration of a bullet, the helmet shields the skull of the wearer from suffering an impact, the goggles of the welder protect his eyes from the harsh glare of the flame and sparks, and the sealed-overalls and veil of the beekeeper protect him from being stung while tending to the hives.

The problem with all PPE though, is that it does not always work. For example, a person with a bulletproof vest can still be shot in the head, and a particularly persistent bee may manage to wriggle its way into the beekeeper’s suit and sting him.

Thus, while using the permissible means at our disposal within the limits of sharee‘ah and sunnah, instead of placing our trust and confidence in PPEs, we should place our trust and confidence in the protection of Allah Ta‘ala. When Allah Ta‘ala takes a person into His special protection, then nothing can harm him or hurt him.

In the blessed hadeeth, Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has taught us an easy prescription through which we can acquire the special protection of Allah Ta‘ala.

Sayyiduna Hasan (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) reports that Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said, “The person who recites Aayatul Kursi after the fardh salaah will be in the special protection of Allah Ta‘ala until the next fardh salaah.” (Tabraani - Majma‘uz Zawaaid #16883)

We should thus ensure that we recite Aayatul Kursi after every fardh salaah. Reciting Aayatul Kursi takes less than a minute, but we will acquire great benefits and virtues. Over and above the special protection of Allah Ta‘ala that we will receive, we will also enjoy swift entry into Jannah when we pass away (as discussed here).

May Allah Ta‘ala bless us all with His Divine protection and swift entry into Jannah.