Protect the Spirit of Qurbaani


Qurbaani, the sacrificing of animals, is a unique act of worship. It is not something that we rush through to get over with it. Rather we should be patient and enjoy every bit of sacrifice that comes with it. Let us try and slaughter the animal at our own homes with our own hands. It is totally against the spirit of qurbaani that for the sake of convenience or cutting costs one merely sends the money to some other country where one’s qurbaani is done. In doing so, the spirit and enthusiasm of qurbaani is destroyed. 

Women wishing to slaughter their own animals should do so if it is within the confines of their private yards. Females should refrain from going to farms or other public venues where the dictates of hijaab are trampled or compromised. This will only destroy the sanctity of the blessed day. The sacrifice of an animal should be done solely for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. It is not some form of entertainment. One should strictly refrain from taking pictures or filming the slaughter. Do not destroy the reward of qurbaani with the sin of photography. May Allah Ta’ala protect us all from everything that is displeasing to Him and accept every person’s qurbaani.