My Jewellery and Zakaat


Many of us have gold and silver jewellery upon which zakaat is payable, but unfortunately we are not discharging our zakaat. Some have the incorrect notion that they are not earning themselves and do not have cash, hence they are not liable for zakaat on jewellery. This is incorrect. In such a case either the husband may pay the zakaat of the wife with her prior permission or she may sell a piece of her jewellery and pay her zakaat.

The same ruling applies to qurbaani (the sacrificing of an animal at ‘Eidul Adhaa). Although the wife does not have cash at hand, she does have jewellery to the value of nisaab. Here too the husband may perform the qurbaani on his wife’s behalf with her prior permission or she may sell some of her jewellery and offer her qurbaani. Let not our jewellery become a barrier and an obstacle in us reaching the pleasure of our Allah Ta‘ala. Discharging our zakaat and qurbaani will be clear signs of our bond with Allah Ta‘ala.