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Passive Participation


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The illustrious Sahaabi, ‘Abdullah bin Mas‘ood (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) was once invited to a waleemah function. When he was about to enter, he heard some impermissible activity taking place, hence he returned immediately. When he was questioned about the reason for his return, he explained: “I heard Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) saying: ‘Whosoever adds to the numbers of a people, will be counted from among them, and the one who is pleased with the wrong of a people, will be a partner in their actions.’” (Ithaaful Khairatil Maharah vol. 4, pg. 135)      

It is indeed extremely sad to notice many Muslims joining the disbelievers in their activities and festivities. There are those who remain as spectators and others actively participate. This hadeeth sounds a very severe warning for the passive participants, let alone those who actively join in the wrong. 


Umrah is not a Holiday


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Holidays or Holydays? - mp3


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Ml. Ahmad Paruk

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Only Ten Seconds


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Mothers often hear their children saying, “Mummy! I am bored.” This complaint generally increases during the holiday period. The solution to this problem is to instil the value of time in their minds.

Pose the following question to your child:

Imagine that you were taken to a room which was full of gold coins. Each gold coin was worth a million rands. You were told that you have only ten seconds to pick up as many gold coins as you can. Will you ever say that ten seconds is such a long time and you will get bored?

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The word ‘holiday’ comes from the Anglo Saxon halig daeg, or holy day. However, holidays to a great extent have become anything but holy. A Christian once observed that in their most auspicious month, December (holiday time), the most amount of crime and evil is committed. Contrary to this, in the most blessed month of the Muslims, Ramadhaan, the most amount of good takes place. Nevertheless, let alone those who are lax at all times, even those who are conscious of deen seem to ‘relax’ with regards to deen also while on holiday. The salaahs that were punctually performed while at home are now missed. The shameless attire that was never adopted at home is now adopted. Such places are visited, together with the entire family, where no Mu’min should dare to go near. All this in the name of ‘holiday’.

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