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Enter into His Mercy


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Kifl was a very evil man of the Bani Israaeel. There wasn’t a sin which he had not committed. Once he paid a woman sixty gold coins to fulfil his desires. When he was about to commit the sin, she trembled with fear and began to cry. He asked her what was the reason for this, as she had happily consented and he had not forced her. She replied: “I have never done such a filthy act in my life, and I only accepted due to financial constraints and desperation.” He was shocked and said to her: “You can take all the money and go and I take an oath that I will never disobey Allah Ta‘ala in future.” He passed away that very night and the next morning the following was found written outside his door: “Allah Ta‘ala has forgiven Kifl.” (Tirmizi #2496)

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A Dull Day made Bright


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Imran bin Hattaan was a very ugly man whose wife was extraordinarily beautiful. Once she stared at his face for some time and then expressed gratitude by saying: “Alhamdulillah.” He asked in surprise: “What is all this about?” She replied: “I praised Allah Ta‘ala because I hope that both of us will be ushered in to Jannah.” He said: “On what basis do you say so?” She answered: “Because you are blessed with a wife as beautiful as myself, upon which you are grateful. Likewise I am married to a man like you, upon which I am exercising patience. Allah Ta‘ala has promised Jannah for both - those who are grateful as well as those who adopt patience.” (Tafseerul Kashaaf vol. 1, pg. 560)

Lesson: An intelligent person looks for something positive in the worst of situations, whilst a foolish person looks for the smallest negativity in the best of situations. Allah Ta‘ala has blessed us with so many things for us to be happy and joyous about. Let us appreciate and enjoy them, and stop moaning about the small difficulties we sometimes experience. This applies to everything in our life, including our marriages. The secret is that one must focus on the reality - the Hereafter. As a result, the temporary difficulties of this world do not lead to depression and frustration. By focussing solely on this world, ‘a tissue becomes an issue,’ and by focussing on the Hereafter, ‘a mountain becomes a molehill.’ 


Allah is Watching!


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There was once a maid who worked for a family of Sayyids (descendants of Nabi sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). She was totally ignorant regarding the laws of Deen and would not even offer her salaah. When she aged, this family would take care of her because they felt indebted to her for all the service that she had rendered to them. As her last moments came close, she began to say something which no one could understand. Finally a learned person was called and he realised that she was saying: “laa takhaafee walaa tahzanee” (don’t fear and don’t grief). He told them to inquire from her why is she saying this. After much difficulty she replied: “There is a group of angels present who are repeating these words.” Then he inquired: “Do you understand what is being told to you?” She replied: “I cannot understand it, but I can sense that they are consoling me.” He then asked: “On what action are you being blessed in this way?” After some time she replied: “These angels are saying: ‘You haven’t done much good deeds in your life. However, there is one deed of yours which Allah Ta‘ala really liked. Once you bought some ghee (clarified butter) from a shop. When you came home and boiled it, a gold coin came out from inside. Initially you thought of keeping it for yourself since no one was aware of it. Then the thought came to your mind that “Allah is watching”, because of which you returned it to the shopkeeper. It is on account of this deed that you are being comforted in this way.’” (Jawaahir Paare vol. 1, pg. 156) 

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Maalik bin Dinaar (r.a.)’s Repentance on 15th Sha’baan


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Maalik bin Dinaar (rahimahullah) was one of the renowned pious men of his time. In his early life, he was not a pious man, and when someone asked him how he came to repent of his sins and abandon his evil ways, he related the following story about himself:

I was a policeman in my youth, and was addicted to wine. I drank day and night and led a care-free life. I bought a beautiful slave girl whom I loved most dearly. I had a daughter from her, and I was very fond of her. When this baby daughter began to walk and talk, I loved her all the more and she was very fond of me as well. The innocent child had a strange habit. Whenever she saw a glass of wine in my hand, she would snatch it away and spill it on my clothes. Being fond of her, I did not scold her. As fate would have it, my innocent child died when she was two years old and I was stunned with shock and heart-sore.

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