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The evil, reprehensible quality of miserliness stems from excessive love for wealth. When a person is overpowered by miserliness, he will behave in the most foolish manner. Though he may have much wealth, due to this terrible quality he will even be miserly towards his own near and dear ones. Below are two incidents of misers:

There was once an extremely miserly man who instructed his children to buy him some meat. After they bought and prepared the meat, he sat to enjoy it, and ate it all, until only a single bone was left in his hand! The eager eyes of his children were watching him all along, hoping for a piece. With the bone in his hand, he said to them, “I will not give any of you this bone until you first describe to me the manner in which you will eat it.”

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The Disappearing Donkey


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Muhammad Daari narrates the following:

There was, in our area of Daaraa, a man who was known for his foolishness. He once departed from Daaraa with ten donkeys, and on departing, he decided to ride one of the donkeys. After some time, he counted the donkeys and only found nine! Immediately concerned, he dismounted and carefully recounted the donkeys. To immense his relief, he now counted ten. As he remounted the donkey, it occurred to him that he should count the donkeys one more time, just to be safe. However, when he recounted the donkeys around him, he again counted only nine! Now frustrated and perplexed, he again dismounted and recounted, again finding ten donkeys! Eventually, the man thought to himself, “When I ride, I only have nine donkeys, but when I walk, I have ten. It is better for me to walk than to ride, as I will have one more donkey to sell.” Thus, not realizing that he had failed to count the donkey on which he was sitting, the foolish man walked all the way to his destination, almost perishing from the effort. (Akhbaarul Humaqaa wal Mughaffaleen pg. 123)


Poor Behaviour!


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There was once a family who saw a beggar standing at the door of their home. As they did not wish to give him anything, they tried to turn him away saying, “May Allah open your way.”

The beggar, however, was undeterred and asked for a slice of bread. Hearing his request, the family responded, “We don’t have any.”

Still undeterred, the beggar next asked, “Some wheat? Chicken? Barley?” They replied, “Sorry, but we don’t have any.” So the beggar asked, “How about some fat, olive oil or milk?” They answered, “Sorry, but we don’t have any of those either.” Finally, the beggar asked them for water. They said, “We don’t have any water.”

In utter frustration, the beggar burst out, “What are you doing, sitting at home? You should join me and beg as you are obviously even more in need than I am!” (Al-Mustatraf vol. 2, pg. 379)


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