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Sacrifice for the Sake of Allah Ta’ala


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Haajar (alaihas salaam) was chosen to be the wife of Nabi Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) and the mother of Nabi Isma’eel (alaihis salaam). Her obedience to her husband, her life of sacrifice, her staying all alone with her suckling son in the barren lands of Makkah, her full trust in Allah Ta’ala, her running between Safa and Marwa were all greatly loved by Allah Ta’ala. Hence, up to this day we all enjoy the blessing of Zam-Zam, part of our Hajj and Umrah is the seven rounds between Safa and Marwa which remind us of Haajar (alaihas salaam)’s love and obedience to Allah Ta’ala. To crown it all, the last and most beloved messenger of Allah Ta’ala, Muhammed (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was chosen to be from the progeny of her son Isma’eel (alaihis salaam). 

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Following in the footsteps of . . . GREAT WOMEN (Part 6)


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Service to her mother-in-law: Towards the end of her life, her mother in-law would experience severe bouts of diarrhoea due to which she would soil three or four sets of clothes daily. Although her husband (Moulana Qaasim rahimahullah) would insist that he would wash these clothes himself, she would want to wash it. Finally the husband and wife came to an agreement that they would take turns, one day Moulana would wash the clothes, and one day she would wash them. Despite this agreement, when it was the turn of Moulana, this great woman would wash most of the clothes herself and dry them before Moulana could come home. She would only leave one garment for him to wash. (Sawaanihe Qaasimi vol.1, pg. 502) 

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Following in the footsteps of . . . GREAT WOMEN (Part 5)


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Service to her husband: She says: “My husband (Moulana Qaasim rahimahullah) would generally drink some milk at night prior to sleeping. When he returned home after esha, I would present the milk to him. He would drink the milk and then engage in nafl salaah. If he did not wait for me and commenced his salaah, it meant that he was upset with me for some reason. Thus it happened a few times that when I arrived with the milk he had already commenced his salaah. He would normally stand for the entire night in salaah. Thus I too remained standing the entire night with the cup of milk in my hands. (Sawaanihe Qaasimi vol.1, pg. 518) 

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Following in the footsteps of . . . GREAT WOMEN (Part 4)


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Disinterest in the material: She was the daughter of a wealthy man of Deoband. Her father sent her off with much clothing, jewellery and household accessories. When the husband and wife met for the very first time, Moulana won his wife’s confidence and then addressed her thus: “Now that Allah Ta’ala has joined us, there has to be compatibility between us. However in our present condition this seems difficult, since you are so wealthy and I am poor. We have one of two options. Either I become wealthy, which is obviously difficult. The other option is that you become poor like me.” Without any hesitation this great woman happily said to Moulana: “I give you the full right to do as you please with my belongings.” The next morning Moulana contributed all that jewellery and wealth in the path of Allah Ta’ala. 

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The Play Dough


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She stared at the play dough in her hands. The different colours reminded her of the rainbow that her father had shown her just the day before. She was only four years old and doctors had given up hope of her motor-skills ever returning to her since that ghastly accident two years ago. Pushing the curls away from her eyes, she miraculously began pulling at it: twisting, rolling and shaping it into the house ... the house that she would always tell her father about whilst sitting on his lap and swinging in their sun-filled veranda. He would always twirl her baby-soft hair around his fingers and say:

“Darling, the happiest day of my life will be when you build me a house with your play dough.”

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