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10 Unique Privileges - `Aaisha (radiyallahu anha)


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10 Unique Privileges 

`Aaisha (radiyallahu anha) says: “Allah Ta’ala has blessed me with ten privileges over the other wives of Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) and I say this without bragging or boasting:

- I was the most beloved to Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) among his wives. 

- My father was the most beloved of all men to Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam). 

- I was the only virgin whom Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) had married.  

- He married me at the age of seven. 

- I went to live with him at the age of nine. 

- (When people had slandered me and levelled accusations against me) Allah Ta’ala had exonerated me and confirmed my chastity and purity. 

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Through Thick and Thin


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When Ayyub (alaihis salaam) was tested with an illness, everyone had abandoned him except his wife Rahma. She remained by his side to nurse and take care of him. This is a praiseworthy quality of a loyal wife. Indeed, every husband must have great compassion, love and consideration for his wife. The wife must be totally loyal to her husband in all conditions. It should not be the case of enjoying life with the husband in prosperity and abandoning him when he is ill or in difficulty. There is an expression that says, “When poverty knocks at the door then love flies out through the window.” Nevertheless a Muslim wife should continue to serve and obey her husband solely for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. We should not be motivated by the temporary material world.


The Maid of Firaun's Daughter


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Firaun’s daughter had a maid who was under her command. The maid had brought Imaan on Moosa (alaihis salaam). However, she did not expose her Imaan out of fear for Firaun. Once while she was combing the hair of Firaun’s daughter, the comb fell from her hand. When she bent down to pick it up she recited Bismillah. The daughter asked her, “What was it that you recited just now? Whose name is that?” She replied: “It is the name of the one who created your father and also gave him a kingdom.” Firoun’s daughter was astonished and remarked, “Is there anyone greater than my father?” saying this she ran to her father and related the entire incident to him. Firaun became angry, called for the maid and threatened her. She said, “Do whatever you wish. I will not leave my Imaan.” Nails were driven into her hands and feet and red hot ash was placed on her. Her child was even thrown into a fire. However she remained steadfast on her Imaan until she was also thrown into the fire. 

Lesson: We also need to be firm on our Imaan despite all tests and conditions. We should not allow any shortcomings and defect in our Imaan and deen on account of desires, motives, and difficulties. We should never do anything contrary to the commands of Allah Ta’ala and His Rasul (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). 

(Bahisti Zewar, pg. 684) 


A Mountain of Courage-Hira


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Below is the transcript of a true story of a girl called Hira. Born a Hindu, she accepted Islam at a very young age, but was persecuted mercilessly by her family for this. The story is narrated by her uncle.    

Hira’s uncle relates: If I was to say that since the world has been created, the world has not seen a more sinister tyrant, a more vicious predatory animal, yet at the same time an extremely fortunate individual, then this will be an accurate description of myself. 

I was born 42 to 43 years ago into a Hindu household. My family were known for their criminal behaviour. My father and uncle were amongst the leaders of a criminal group. Theft, violence etc. was in the family blood. In 1987, during the Mayroth riots, I was with my father to assist our tribe in the riots, Together we killed 25 Muslims with our own hands. 

After this I joined Bazrandil, an extremist group after becoming influenced by the hatred and enmity towards the Muslims. Infact, I killed many Muslims during the riots that broke out in 1990 at the time of the demolition of the Babri Masjid. Furthermore, I killed many more Muslims in Udhyanwe in 1992. 

A true famous Muslim used to reside in ljrara. In my eyes however, he was a criminal as he was a Muslim. All Non-Muslims in the area were petrified of him. With the help of my friend I shot him dead as well.

Enmity towards the Muslims caused me to carry out such a tyrannous and violent act that I believe has not been seen, heard of and thought of under the sky and on top of the earth.

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