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Mother’s Lap – The First Classroom


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Mother of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaani (hafizahullah) – Part Two

Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaani (hafizahullah) writes: “My mother’s lap was not only a cradle, rather it was a vibrant centre of learning and nurturing. She educated me not with books, but with her practical life. Although she was not a graduate of a college, university or madrasah, and had limited home education, she possessed such impeccable character and such a knack of nurturing which is not even found in professional women who hold high qualifications. Patience, contentment, sacrifice, preferring others, and courage were all her second nature. Apart from this, she also taught me the elementary Urdu books, since there were no organized deeni institutes when we moved over to Pakistan.” (Nuqooshe Raftagaa pg. 160)   

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A Pillar of Support to Grand-Muftis


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Mother of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaani (hafizahullah) – Part One

Mufti Muhammad Shafee’ (rahimahullah) was a great scholar and the Grand Mufti of Pakistan. He rendered great services for this Ummah. Allah Ta‘ala blessed his progeny with great knowledge and piety. Two of his sons, Mufti Muhammad Rafee’ Usmaani and Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaani (hafizahumallah), are world renowned muftis. However his wife played a vital role in all of this goodness. 

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Change of Mind


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Hind bintu ‘Utbah (radhiyallahu ‘anha) is the wife of Abu Sufyaan (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) and the mother of Mu‘aawiyah (radhiyallahu ‘anhu). 

Once she addressed Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) and told him, “Prior to becoming a Muslim, I did not desire disgrace for any household more than for your household. Now that I have become a Muslim, I do not desire honour for any household more than for your household.” (Tabaqaat Ibnu Sa’d vol. 10, pg. 225)

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Earning His Du‘aas


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Sayyidah Ummu Salamah (radhiyallahu ‘anha) entered the fold of Islam in its early days with her husband, Abu Salamah (radhiyallahu ‘anhu). The couple endured many hardships in the way of Islam. Abu Salamah (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) made du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala that he must bless her (his wife) with the company of a better husband than himself if he died. When Abu Salamah (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) passed away, Abu Bakr and Umar (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma) both proposed to her but she declined. However when Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) proposed to her, she agreed to marry him. She was thus honoured to be the wife of Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). (Siyaru A’laamin Nubalaa’, vol. 2, pg. 203)  

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Life’s a rollercoaster! Enjoy the ride.


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Life is topsy turvy. One day you are feeling high and the next day low. Every coming day is, well ... just unpredictable.

Life is like a see saw, it’s just like that

One up one down, tit for tat

You a ball one day, and the next you a bat

Be happy like a child, bear patience till the end

Old became gold, just like that

This phenomena affects everyone, without exception. Every Nabi that set foot on this planet experienced these feelings and emotions. The rich in their high rise apartments and the poor in their crumbling huts, the pious on their prayer mats as well as the sinful on their sofas and couches - every single one rides the changing tides of fortune. All shake the hands of prosperity and poverty. Everyone’s bowl is filled with his share of happiness and sadness, as well as the excitement and disappointment.

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