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Kindness and Compassion


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(Saintly Women around Siddeeq [Part Six] – Wife of Qari Siddeeq [rahimahullah] #3)           

One of the special qualities of the wife of Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) was her concern for others and kindness towards them. Family women, village women and even non-Muslim women would come to her with their needs. She would visit the sick and if there was a need, assist in delivering a baby. If people came to her for money, she would assist them in whatever capacity she could, and as far as possible she would never turn anyone away empty handed.

The life of this great woman was replete with such incidents which highlight the spirit of compassion and kindness which burned within her. A man came to Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) after her demise and began to cry. When Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) tried to comfort and console him, he explained that it was the behaviour of Qari Siddeeq’s (rahimahullah) wife that had left an indelible impression on his heart and caused him to cry. This man had once brought his sick daughter to Qari Siddeeq’s (rahimahullah) home. When the daughter entered, the wife of Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) noticed that her hair was dirty. She immediately washed the girl’s hair, gave her milk to drink and thereafter made her lie down and began to fan her. 

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Devotion and Worship


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(Saintly Women around Siddeeq [Part Five] – Wife of Qari Siddeeq [rahimahullah] #2)

Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) mentioned regarding his wife: “She was more punctual on her ma’moolaat (daily practices) than I was and would never miss them. She was extremely punctual on the Ishraaq and Dhuha salaahs, would perform lengthy rakaats of Awwaabeen salaah and was quite regular on her Tahajjud salaah as well. After Fajr salaah she would recite the Quraan Majeed and would only rise from the musalla after performing Ishraaq salaah. She never missed her daily portion of Munaajaat-e-Maqbool (a du‘aa kitaab) and always kept a tasbeeh in her hand to make zikr. Unless there were visitors present to whom she had to speak, she would engage in zikr.”

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From Riches to Rags


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(Saintly Women around Siddeeq [Part 4] - Wife of Qari Siddeeq [rahimahullah] #1)

The wife of Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) was an amazing woman. She was born in May 1931 and passed away in August 1993. Being a woman who lived not so long ago, we would perhaps find it easier to relate to her.  

Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) would often mention the following in praise of his wife:

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Spirit of Simplicity and Sympathy


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(Saintly Women around Siddeeq [Part 3] - Mother of Qari Siddeeq [rahimahullah])

The name of the mother of Qari Siddeeq (rahimahullah) was Khairun Nisaa and she was a woman whose piety, humility, simplicity, ‘ibaadat and good character were exemplary. She had memorized four paras of the Quraan Majeed and would engage in tilaawah and zikr as soon as she had completed her household chores. She never missed the awwaabeen salaah and was also punctual on tahajjud salaah. After performing the fajr salaah, she would remain engaged in zikr until ishraaq. Her excessive ‘ibaadat, devotion in salaah, long sajdahs and lengthy emotional du‘aas was famous among her family members. She lived in a period of great poverty and constraint and would thus grind flour and sew clothing for people in order to earn a living.

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Purdah Conscious


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(Saintly Women around Siddeeq [Part 2] - Grandmother of Qari Siddeeq [rahimahullah])

The respected grandmother of Qari Siddeeq Ahmad Baandwi (rahimahullah) was a woman of extreme virtue and piety. She understood the value of time and hence as soon as she would complete her household duties, she would immediately engage in zikr and ‘ibaadat.

One of the many outstanding qualities that she possessed was her concern for purdah. She was so particular in this regard, that when she would go to visit her sister’s home every week, she would insist on going at night (so that the darkness would aid in concealing her). Furthermore, she would send little boys out to survey the streets. It was only when she would receive their assurance that there were no men on her route that she would don the complete niqaab and swiftly depart for her sister’s home.

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