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Keeping the Heart Clean - `Aaisha (radiyallahu anha)


The exemplary life of Sayyidah `Aaisha (radiyallahu anha) is filled with innumerable lessons. One major lesson that she taught was to always have a clean heart. On one occasion the hypocrites slandered her. It was an extremely trying time. Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) as well as `Aaisha’s (radiyallahu anha) parents were very distressed by this terrible accusation. When `Aaisha (radiyallahu anha) came to hear of the false rumours about her doing the rounds, she became very ill. She could not eat a morsel of food nor sleep a wink. She wept almost continuously. Eventually an entire ruku of the Qur’an was revealed which cleared her name and explained how chaste and virtuous she was. While the hypocrites were responsible for this heart-breaking incident, unwittingly, a few sincere Muslims also got  caught up in this ugly accusation and defamation. Among them was Hassaan bin Thaabit (radiyallahu anhu).

 Once after the demise of Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) he had come to the home of `Aaisha (radiyallahu anha). She instructed that he be treated with honour and respect. Someone commented that he was also among those who had caused her grief. `Aaisha(radiyallahu anha)  replied: “He used to defend Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) with his poetry” (Saheeh Bukhari). What she meant was that Hassaan (radiyallahu anhu) had done a great service to Islam. Therefore, those are the positive aspects of his life that needs to be recorded and remembered, and not the negative incidents. Subhanallah! What a clean heart. She forgave something so serious and defended the person as well. May Allah Ta’ala help us also to always have a clean heart. [Aameen]

(Extracts from our upcoming book “Lessons from the life of Sayyidah `Aaisha (radiyallahu anha)”)