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An Inspirational Woman


Mother of Moulana Muhammad ‘Umar Paalanpuri (rahimahullah) – Part One

Moulana Muhammad ‘Umar Paalanpuri (rahimahullah) was a great scholar and famous daa‘iee (preacher) of the recent past. His foreign da’wah travels amount to eighty one, apart from the twenty hajj that he had performed.

Allah Ta‘ala had blessed him with an amazing manner of oration. He would regularly address crowds of hundreds of thousands in one gathering. Thousands would be inspired to repent from their wrongs, change the direction of their lives and resolve to sacrifice their wealth, time and lives for the cause of Allah’s deen.

However, the question is: “Who was that great person who had inspired this inspirational personality?” It was none other than … His Mother. He was orphaned at the age of eight, hence she had nurtured him as a single parent.

In fact this great acceptance that he enjoyed was actually her du‘aa and prediction. Once while he was still a student, and was reading some incidents to his mother using an oil lamp, she said: “O my Son! Today I am the only one who is listening to you in this dark house, however Allah Ta‘ala will show you that day when hundreds of thousands would be listening to your lectures.”

Insha-Allah in the next three parts we would discuss a few amazing qualities of this great woman. May Allah Ta‘ala make us all inspirational personalities, who inspire towards good and virtue, aameen.