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Mother of Moulana Muhammad ‘Umar Paalanpuri (rahimahullah) – Part Three

From a tender age she instilled true values in her children and passed on great lessons to them. Moulana ‘Umar Saheb (rahimahullah) explained the following examples:

1. “Since I reached the age of understanding, I can recall seeing my mother performing salaah and crying before Allah Ta‘ala in du‘aa.”

2. “When she would buy something for us, she would ask us to share it among ourselves. Then she would carefully observe who was more greedy and who was more generous. Thereafter she would correct us accordingly.”

3. “Once she was explaining to us the terrifying conditions of the grave and the questions of the two angels. So I said to her: ‘I have already learnt the answers to these questions’ (as she had previously taught it to us). She replied: ‘This tongue of flesh will not work in the grave; rather the tongue of actions will speak. So do good actions.’”

4. “She would say: ‘O my Son! If you wish to backbite anyone, you rather speak ill of me, so that your rewards would come to me and it would remain within our own home.’ What she really meant is that you should not be so silly to backbite others and pass over all your rewards to them.”

Lesson: While it is important for a mother to see to the physical well-being of her children, it is even more imperative for her to instil the correct qualities, values and character in them.

(to be continued)