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Mother of Moulana Muhammad ‘Umar Paalanpuri (rahimahullah) – Part Four

Once Maryam Khala narrated to her the hadeeth regarding the parent of a Haafiz receiving a crown of honour on the Day of Qiyaamah. Hearing this she teared and told her son, Moulana ‘Umar Saheb (rahimahullah): “You must become a Haafiz of the Quraan Majeed and an ‘Aalim of deen.” He said to her: “What will happen to my school education.” This great woman replied: “I am least concerned about that, you need to study the divine knowledge.”

All her relatives opposed her saying: “He is doing very well in school. If you have to take him out from school and he only studies deen, he will be dependent on others for his livelihood.” She replied: “You are only concerned about the world. However if he really studies deen, the world would come at his feet.”

Notwithstanding the great opposition and financial constraints, she insisted on her son studying deen. When he reached the final year of his studies, she became very ill. Her feet were too weak to support her and she lost her eyesight. Despite all of this, she sent him more than thousand miles away to complete his studies. After a while her condition deteriorated even further and most of her relatives came to visit her (to be at her side during what seemed to be her last days). Finally they all wished to call Moulana, but she refused and said: “If Allah Ta‘ala asks me what I have brought, I shall say: ‘O My Rabb! I am empty handed and have nothing to present before you, besides my beloved son whom I have sent in your path, only for your sake, so that he can be a means of my salvation.”

Then a state of drowsiness prevailed over her. As her final moments drew closer, she exclaimed: “I can get a very sweet smell,” although she had lost her smell by then. She then made salaam and smiled. Thereafter she fell unconscious. When she regained her consciousness and was asked what had happened, she replied: “I saw my son, Muhammad ‘Umar, with two angels on either side of him. Hence I made salaam and smiled at my son.” Not long thereafter, this pious woman breathed her last and left this world.

After her demise, her son Moulana ‘Umar Saheb (rahimahullah) saw her in a dream and inquired from her as to where she was? She replied in Arabic: “I am in Jannah.”

(Reference: Sawaanih Hazrat Moulana Muhammad ‘Umar Paalanpuri (rahimahullah), pgs. 59 - 68 and Misaalee Khawaateen, pgs. 270 – 274)

Lesson: Subhanallah! This is the good death and great reward that Allah Ta‘ala grants the one who sacrifices for His sake. Every mother should have this aspiration of choosing the line of deen for her children, the benefit of which she would receive in this world and the next.