A Deaf, Blind and Paralysed Mother


Sayyid Abu Saalih (rahimahullah) was once engaged in the worship of Allah Ta‘ala on the bank of a river. Three days had passed and he had nothing to eat. He looked towards the river and noticed an apple floating on the water. Due to hunger, he immediately ate the apple without even thinking about investigating regarding the owner. After eating the apple, he realised that he has eaten something without the permission of its owner. This concern made him uneasy. Hence he began to walk alongside the river against the flow of the water. After some time he came across a huge and dense orchard which also had some apple trees. He realised that the apple was from this orchard. Upon inquiry he learnt that the owner of the orchard was a saint by the name of Sayyid Abdullah Sauma‘ee (rahimahullah). Sayyid Abu Saalih went to him seeking his forgiveness for having eaten the apple without permission.

After some discussion, Sayyid Abdullah Sauma‘ee told him that he will only forgive him if he takes care of the orchard for ten years. Sayyid Abu Saalih agreed happily just in order to be forgiven. After completing ten years, a further two year condition was placed which Sayyid Abu Saalih duly completed.

Thereafter Sayyid Abdullah Sauma‘ee presented one more request to Sayyid Abu Saalih.  He said: “I have a daughter who is full of defects. She is deaf, blind and her hands and feet are paralysed. If you have to marry her, you will be forgiven completely.” Sayyid Abu Saalih accepted this condition as well. After the nikaah, when Sayyid Abu Saalih saw his wife, Sayyidah Faatimah for the first time, he was dumbfounded to find her completely free from all those defects. Her hands, feet, ears and eyes were all in perfect working condition. In fact she was an attractive and beautiful looking girl. Since he did not find her corresponding to the defects the father had described, he thought that perhaps the father had made a mistake and this was another girl altogether. Thus he immediately left the room and went over to the father Sayyid Abdullah Sauma‘ee, explaining to him his concern.

The father then explained to him that when he said “her feet were paralyzed” he meant that she had never set foot outside the home, when he said “her hands were paralyzed” he meant that she had never done any action against the sharee‘ah, when he said “she was deaf” he meant that she had never heard anything against the sharee‘ah, and when he said “she was blind” he meant that her glance had never fallen on any strange man.

Thereafter Sayyid Abu Saalih and his wife Sayyidah Faatimah settled in Jaylaan, and from such a union Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jaylaani (rahimahullah) was born. (Misaali maoo ki misaali awlaade pg. 76)

Lesson: For a good fruit bearing tree to grow, the seed and the ground into which it is sown need to be good. For a pious child to come into this world, it is important that both father and mother are striving to attain piety. What would the farmer expect if rotten seeds are thrown in the desert land. As parents, we are to restrain our desires and surrender ourselves completely to the deen of Allah Ta‘ala, in order to harvest those obedient children that will become the coolness of our eyes.