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Crying Memories


Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan (rahimahullah) was a great scholar and saint of the recent past. He was the teacher and spiritual mentor of many of our leading ‘Ulama in South Africa.

His pious mother used to make him lie on a bed alongside hers in the afternoons and read to him Islamic books. Whilst reading, most of the time she would be crying continuously with the tears streaming down her face. (Hayaate Maseehul Ummat pg. 58)

Having received such a heartfelt nurturing from a mother who was passionate about her deen, Moulana’s spiritual eyes had opened from his very childhood. He was punctual with his tahajjud salaah even before reaching the age of puberty.


1. Usually by the afternoon a mother is exhausted due to all the duties she has carried out in the home. It is that little sacrifice we make, that nurtures our children into becoming the coolness of our eyes.

2. Children love stories. Reading to them the lives of the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam), Sahaabah (radhiyallahu 'anhum) and the pious will mould them and give them direction in life. We should not allow their impressionable minds to be stained and misguided by cartoons and fairy tales of the disbelieving world.

3. The motherly Islamic nurturing should not be taken as just some duty or responsibility. Rather we should be passionate about bringing up friends of Allah Ta‘ala and then enjoy the satisfaction of being the Muslim mother of a true friend of Allah Ta‘ala.