I am Bored!


Generally women complain of boredom and of not knowing what to do the whole day at home, more so in the Month of Ramadhaan. Then we have those chosen servants of Allah Ta‘ala who valued every moment of their lives. One such servant was Bi Safiyyah, the mother of Moulana Muhammad Yahya Khandelwi and Moulana Muhammad Ilyaas Khandelwi (rahimahumallah). Despite her household duties, it was her practise to read the following daily:

1. Durood shareef – 5000 times.

2. Allah - 5000 times.

3. Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem – 1900 times.

4. Yaa Mughnee – 1100 times.

5. Laa hawla walaa quwwata illa billah – 1100 times.

6. Allahus samad – 1100 times.

7. Laa ilaaha illallah – 1200 times.

8. Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom –200 times.

9. Hasbiyallahu wa ni’mal wakeel – 500 times.

10. Alhamdulillah – 200 times.

11. Subhaanallah – 200 times.

12. Allahu akbar – 200 times.

13. Istighfaar – 500 times.

14. Ufawwidhu amree ilallah – 100 times

15. Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakeel – 100 times.

16. Rabbee innee maghloobun fantasir – 100 times.

17. Rabbee innee massaniyaddhurru wa Anta arhamur raahimeen – 100 times.

18. Laa ilaaha illaa Anta subhaanaka innee kuntu minaz zaalimeen – 100 times.

19. One manzil (i.e. 1/7) of the Quraan Majeed.

(Tazkiratul Khaleel pg. 95)

Her daily zikrullah added up to more than eighteen thousand.

In the month of Ramadhaan she used to complete the recitation of the entire Quraan Majeed forty times. (Akaabir ka Ramzaan pg. 73)

From such a pious woman a progeny came forth, the likes of Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya, Moulana Muhammad Yusuf (rahimahumallah) and many others. Now it is up to us to structure our day. Draw up a time-table for our daily salaah, Quraan Majeed, zikr and du‘aa. We need to be punctual and steadfast on it and then feel the difference in our lives.