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Very Few Give Up


Last Updated on Thursday, 25 July 2013 09:42

When blessed occasions such as the month of Ramadhaan come upon us, then there is a natural urge created within us to change and to better ourselves. When this does take place, most of our minds tend to only think in the direction of increasing our nafl salaah, recitation of the Quraan Majeed or increasing our zikr and du‘aa. However, very few of us sincerely think of also giving up sin. 

It is not possible to fill a container with water if the container is full of holes. In the very same way we fail to take the full benefit of our good deeds since our life is full of sin. Let us utilize this Ramadhaan as a special occasion, where together with increasing our good deeds, we take up the courage to give up sin as well, such as the sin of appearing unveiled and speaking to strange men, the sin of music and photography, the sin of backbiting and breaking relationships, and the sin of extravagance and making the material comforts the goal of our life. It is high time we strive to give up all sins.


I don’t have my ‘Eid Clothes yet!


Last Updated on Thursday, 27 June 2013 10:58

“The last ten days are already here. I haven’t found my ‘eid clothes as yet! I walked from one side of the mall to the other … shop to shop till I dropped … You name it and I saw it. One whole day got wasted in Overport … forget an outfit, I didn’t even find a decent cloak. I got my last chance … I might get lucky at the ‘Eid Fair. As for these two ‘scamps’, I just don’t know what I am going to do for their second outfit. Don’t talk about their ‘eid pyjamas. I can’t understand how I am going to manage to finish my khatam, and still do all the baking. ‘Eid is at my mother-in-law’s place this year.” 

Does this ring a bell? We need not waste our Ramadhaan in this way. Let us try to complete our errands before Ramadhaan and keep ourselves as free as possible. In this way we can maximise on the ‘great bargains’ that have been promised in this ‘mega sale’.


Preparation for Ramadaan


Last Updated on Thursday, 20 June 2013 08:54

Moulana Muhammad Ilyaas Patel

Weekly Ladies Program

Date: 2013-06-11

Format: MP3

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Another speciality of Ramadaan


Last Updated on Monday, 10 September 2012 10:24

“The month of Ramadaan is the month in which the Quraan was revealed as guidance for mankind, and as clear signs that show the right way and distinguish between right and wrong.” (Surah Baqarah, v185)

Allah Ta’ala mentions another speciality of Ramadaan – the revelation of the Quraan Majeed. On the night of Qadr, the entire Quraan Majeed was revealed at once from the Lowhul Mahfooz (preserved tablet) to the sky above the earth.

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Complete Protection


Last Updated on Monday, 21 January 2013 07:43

While fasting we protect ourselves from consuming any food or drink. Let us now extend this protection to the other limbs of our body. Let us protect our eyes from looking at strange men as well as from watching television. Protect our ears from listening to music and evil, protect our tongues from gossip and futile talk. Protect our minds from suspicion and thinking ill of others and generally protect ourselves from all sin. We need to protect ourselves from all actions that will anger our Allah Ta’ala. Once we have disconnected ourselves from sin, we will easily connect ourselves to Allah Ta’ala. The enjoyment and contentment of life only begins when we have a link and contact with Allah Ta’ala. Many Ramadaans have come and gone in our lives. Let us make this Ramadaan a month which will bring about a complete change and upliftment in our lives. Our sincere intention is the start to our reformation. 


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