Compulsory only Once


Thursday, 13 September 2012 09:32

Our most fundamental need is imaan which we need every moment of our lives. Together with imaan we have various ibaadat to perform. Among them salaah is to be performed five times a day. Fasting and zakaat are compulsory duties carried out once a year. However, haj is compulsory only once in our lifetime. Thus the first haj that we perform will be our fardh (compulsory) haj. Thereafter even if we perform a hundred haj, it will all be nafl (optional). Thus this highlights the need to get our first haj right. Haj is unlike salaah and other compulsory duties where we have the chance of improving on our previous duty. We should therefore strive to perfect our first haj and get it accepted in the court of Allah Ta’ala. We cannot afford to have our first haj rejected due to our carelessness in as far as learning and preparing for the haj itself. The spiritual preparation is the most essential need of every Haaji so that together with haj of “Baitullah” (Ka’bah Shareef), when one returns, she returns as a true “Amatullah” (servant of Allah Ta’ala) 


Three Steps to Haj


Thursday, 13 September 2012 09:43

When it comes to preparing and enjoying a special dish of food, firstly we need to make the arrangement of getting all the ingredients. Thereafter we need to know how to put the ingredients together and prepare the dish. Lastly, we simply serve the meal and enjoy it. In the same way when it comes to preparing and enjoying our special journey of haj, firstly we need to make the arrangement of our flight and accommodation, which everyone does with great care and precision. Thereafter we need to learn the method and laws pertaining to haj. However, only some take an interest in doing so completely. This will enable one to physically fulfill the rites of haj. The most crucial factor however is to condition the heart and mind so that one spends one’s time according to the spirit of haj and imbibes the message of haj. A haj performed with the spirit of haj will create a revolution in one’s life. One’s life after haj will be much better than the life before haj.


Allah Ta’ala is All-Seeing:


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 11:08

The story that follows is meant to embed the consciousness of Allah Ta’ala in the heart of the child, and that Allah Ta’ala is watching all that we do. Before discussing the story, ask the children one by one to speak about Allah Ta’ala, and the qualities of Allah Ta’ala. Once they have all spoken, ask them what is the meaning of, “Allah Ta’ala is Al-Baseer!” Thereafter ask some of them questions, such as:

- Who can see you if you are sitting alone in the room with the door closed?

- Who can see you if you take something quietly from the cupboard?

- Who can see you if you hide under the bed?

- Who can see what you are thinking in your mind?

Then give them a coin each and ask them to hide it where no one can see it. Announce that the winner will receive a prize such as a chocolate, or some cash. The next day ask each one where they hid the coin. Now relate to them the following story. 

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Contact with the Boy before Marriage


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 10:55



A guy I have known since I was in school has come home for proposal as we both are very fond of each other. My family has strongly opposed as unless we make nikkah we will not be able to meet or talk etc. We understand this as it is zina and against Islam and Sunnah. However if we do not get legal it would lead to us hiding and meeting behind their backs. We do plan on nikaah in about two years as by then we should be stable enough and ready for nikaah. We would just like to meet when he comes home to see me with the presence of my family and at functions. Please advise as they are keeping me away from him and it’s just leading me to want to make choices that are not Islamic or right. My family has played a big role in my life supporting us and now feel they should make all decisions for me. I respect them and love them as I know they would like only the best for me and him but according to the sunnah and quraan

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Depressed after an Illicit Relationship


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 11:02


Assalamu alaikum

I am a muslim girl brought up in a well religious muslim family. But I have committed sin. I am in love with a guy who doesn't care about me at all. Throughout the whole time that I've known him he has only hurt me by having affairs with other girls. I have known him for a few years in which we had lost contact and recently started to talk again since last year. I have had relations with him a few times and I got pregnant. When I told him he said he wants nothing to do with me or the baby and he left me. I cried and begged him to support me because I was scared but he didn't care at all. I wanted to keep the baby but then I had to think about my family also as I am only young. He didn't want to support me with the abortion so I told him I am keeping the baby and that he will have nothing to do with it once it is born.

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