What to do in Pregnancy?


Thursday, 07 June 2012 15:26



Respected Ulama, trough the grace of Allah all mighty, my wife has found out that she is pregnant. We are most grateful to Allah, and at the same time we do not want to displease Allah by doing things the wrong way. My question firstly is: Is there any law about a time period were one should not tell others about the pregnancy? Secondly if you can please give some targheeb on what sunnah practices should be carried out during the pregnancy and at the time of birth and the first few weeks? May Allah reward you plenty fold and make your task an easy one.

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Speak sweetly to three people


Friday, 01 June 2012 23:25

One’s character is put to the greatest test when one interacts with three categories of people: 

1. One’s spouse.

2. Children: Either one’s own children or children in one’s care, such as one’s pupils etc.

3. Employees: Domestic servants etc.

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Four Qualities of a Pious Wife


Friday, 01 June 2012 21:44

Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: “After the Taqwa (fear) of Allah Ta’ala, there is no favour that a believer may enjoy better than a pious wife. If he instructs her she obeys him, if he looks towards her, she brings delight to him, if he takes an oath for her to do something she carries it out and if he is away from her (on a journey, etc.) she acts in good faith regarding her personal self and his wealth” (Ibnu Maajah #1857).

This Hadith outlines four qualities of a pious wife:

1) Whenever the husband instructs her to do something lawful, she carries it out. She is an obedient wife. 

2) When the husband looks towards her she brings him joy. This is only possible if her ways and habits are according to his liking (within the boundaries of Deen), and she tries to keep his heart happy. If a woman makes it her habit to be very moody and pull up her face for every petty issue, the husband will start regarding it as a calamity to come home after a long day at work.

3) When the husband takes an oath that the wife should do a certain action, then she carries it out. Out of love he takes an oath and out of love she fulfills that oath to keep him happy. This is due to that special bond that they enjoy. 

4) When the husband goes somewhere and he is away from the wife, she remains faithful regarding herself and his wealth. She does not have any form of relationship with strange men and she does not squander the husband’s wealth. She conducts herself as she would in his presence. This is true loyalty.


Monthly Allowance


Thursday, 07 June 2012 15:16



Asalaamu Alaykum. I am married for 5 years, for the first three years, I would receive an allowance from my husband. Now for almost two years, he doesn't give me a cent, and always complains that he has many debts to pay. I feel that the debts are his own doing and that I am being cheated off my allowance so that he can pay his debts. It gets so bad sometimes that if I need a little money, I have to borrow from the neighbour as he sternly refuses to give me money for myself. With regards to groceries, he buys the necessary items. But I'm talking about money for my personal use. Is it right for him to do this?

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Q: What if a woman starts bleeding before experiencing fifteen days of purity?


Wednesday, 06 June 2012 20:44

A: If a woman, after completing her cycle begins to bleed again within 15 days, it will not be considered the start of a new cycle. This blood will be regarded as istihaadhah (dysfunctional uterine bleeding). (The laws of istihaadhah will be discussed later.)


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