Time of Intention for Various fasts


Saturday, 25 August 2012 06:07


What is the last time one can make intention for fasting, because for a woman this is important to know especially if she thinks that ghusal would be fard in the next few hours. I would like to know when can we make our intention for qadha fasting, waajib fasting and nafl fasting.


The intention for nafl fast can be made till nisf-un-nahaar (the halfway point between subh saadiq and sunset).

The intention for qadha has to be made at least any time before sehri ends.

The ramadaan fasts can be intended during the day.

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Keeping the Six Fast of Shawaal with the Intention of Qadha


Saturday, 25 August 2012 06:09


Can I keep the six rozas of shawaal with the niyyat of qadha rozas as well? Is it true that, beside ramadaan rozas niyyat has to be made before subah saadiq?


1) Both have to be done separately. By keeping the qadha you will not get the thawaab of the six nafl fasts.

2) The niyyat for nafl fasts can be made after subuh saadiq as well, as long as one has not eaten after subah saadiq.

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A Remedy to Combat Sin and Temptation


Tuesday, 14 August 2012 13:30

A very beautiful woman who lived in Makkah Mukarramah was admiring herself in the mirror and asked her husband: “Is there any man who will see my face and not be tempted by it?” He replied: “Yes.” She asked: “Who?” He answered: “Ubaid bin Umair (rahimahullah).” She asked: “Will you allow me to tempt and entice him?” He agreed.

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Complete Protection


Tuesday, 07 August 2012 09:51

While fasting we protect ourselves from consuming any food or drink. Let us now extend this protection to the other limbs of our body. Let us protect our eyes from looking at strange men as well as from watching television. Protect our ears from listening to music and evil, protect our tongues from gossip and futile talk. Protect our minds from suspicion and thinking ill of others and generally protect ourselves from all sin. We need to protect ourselves from all actions that will anger our Allah Ta’ala. Once we have disconnected ourselves from sin, we will easily connect ourselves to Allah Ta’ala. The enjoyment and contentment of life only begins when we have a link and contact with Allah Ta’ala. Many Ramadaans have come and gone in our lives. Let us make this Ramadaan a month which will bring about a complete change and upliftment in our lives. Our sincere intention is the start to our reformation. 


Saahibe Tarteeb


Monday, 06 August 2012 11:00

Let us all strive to become a Saahibe Tarteeb. A Saahibe Tarteeb is that special servant of Allah Ta’ala who from the day of buloogh (maturity) to the present day, has no Qadhaa (missed) Salaah. Those who may have missed some Salaah simply need to sit down, apply their minds and to the best of one’s ability calculate the number of Salaah that were missed since becoming baaligh. Thereafter on a daily basis one should make up the missed Salaah. Once one has completed the missed Salaah, one will Insha Allah qualify to be a “Saahibe Tarteeb”.

Becoming a Saahibe Tarteeb and remaining one, should be a goal in our life. Let us encourage our family and friends, especially our little ones, to become a Saahibe Tarteeb. Let us speak about it and allow it to become a reality in our lives.


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