Ask our children:

1. What should we say if we want to do something?

2. Who makes everything happen?

Now tell them the story:

Mahmood grew up in a very wealthy home. He wore the best clothes and played with the best toys. He was very spoilt and he got whatever he asked for. However, in his home, there was no salaah, no Quraan, no zikr and no du‘aa. There was also no ta’leem, where the whole family sits together and reads Fazaail-e-A‘amaal, learning the teachings of Islam. In Mahmood’s home, nobody spoke about Allah Ta‘ala and Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam).

One day, Mahmood came out of his home, happy and excited. He had R200 in his hand and was racing to the sweet shop! His friends saw him and asked him where he was going. Mahmood replied, “I am going to buy lots and lots of lollipops!” His friends immediately said, “Mahmood! You must say insha-Allah!” Mahmood shouted out, “No! I have the money! Why should I say insha-Allah?” His friends replied, “Mahmood! Our mummy and daddy taught us that we must say insha-Allah whenever we want to do something, because only Allah Ta‘ala makes everything happen!” Mahmood replied, “Well, my mummy and daddy give me everything, and if they give me money, I can buy whatever I want.” Then Mahmood ran off to the sweet shop.

After a while, the friends saw Mahmood coming back, but now he was all sad! His friends asked him what had happened. Mahmood said, “Insha-Allah I was running to the shop. Then insha-Allah I slipped and fell and insha-Allah I dropped my money. Then insha-Allah someone picked it up and ran away, and insha-Allah I could not buy lollipops. But insha-Allah next time, I will always say insha-Allah.”


1. We must always say “insha-Allah” when we want to do something, “jazakallah” when we thank someone, “alhamdulillah” when we are happy and “bismillah” before starting anything.

2. Only Allah Ta‘ala can make everything happen.

3. Our home should be alive with zikr, du‘aa, Quraan, ta’leem and other actions of Deen.