Lunch Secret


Ask our children:  

1. Before we do anything, should we tell our parents first? 

2. If Allah Ta’ala has given more than we need, should we share with the poor?

Now tell them the story:

Once there was a little boy. He was very kind and loving and he always listened to his mother and father. Every morning he used to have a good breakfast and then go to madrasah with four slices of lunch - two slices for the first break and the remaining two slices for the second break.

After one month of madrasah, his mother noticed that he had lost weight. It was strange to see him return home every afternoon very weak and extremely hungry. She was quite worried, so she asked him if there was anything troubling him. He at once said that everything was fine.

The mother was not satisfied, so she got the teacher to keep an eye on him. After a few days, it emerged that there were two poor students in his class who came to madrasah everyday without having any breakfast. They also did not carry any lunch with them.

When the mother heard this, tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought about her son staying hungry in order that the two poor boys have something to eat. The next day, without her telling him a single thing, she sent him off to madrasah with eight slices of lunch. It was only during the madrasah break time when he realised that his mother learnt of his secret. That afternoon he returned home feeling very guilty, that he hid the truth about the lunch from his mother. He immediately asked his mother for forgiveness. His mother hugged him and told him, “Son! I am very pleased with you. However in future please tell us first if you wish to help someone. We will then guide you.”

The son hugged his mother and with tears rolling down his little cheeks, he said, “Ummi! You are the best mother in the world. I promise that in future I will first speak to you before doing anything.”


 1. We should always speak to our parents and our elders before doing anything. 

2. Our parents are always there to help us and guide us. 

3. We should have mercy and help the poor and the weak.