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Creating the World


Last Updated on Saturday, 14 March 2020 15:25

(Ambiyaa [‘alaihimus salaam] Series – Nabi Aadam [‘alaihis salaam] #01)

Allah Ta‘ala is the Creator of everything. He created the entire world in just six days. Allah Ta‘ala is so powerful, that He never ever feels tired. Even when He created the whole world, He did not feel exhausted or tired.

Allah Ta‘ala created the earth and made all the different types and colours of soil. Allah Ta‘ala made some soil fine and dry, like the sand in the desert, and some soil wet and sticky, like clay. He made some soil brown, some soil red and some soil black. In some places, Allah Ta‘ala placed huge, heavy mountains on the earth, and in other places, He created valleys and open plains.

Allah Ta‘ala created all the different plants and trees. The tall towering trees, the short, thorny bushes, the attractive flowers with their beautiful colours and patterns, and all the different vegetables with their different tastes – all these are the creation of Allah Ta‘ala. Allah Ta‘ala created the beautiful red roses, the crunchy apples, the sweet strawberries, and many other wonderful things.

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