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Creating the World


(Ambiyaa [‘alaihimus salaam] Series – Nabi Aadam [‘alaihis salaam] #01)

Allah Ta‘ala is the Creator of everything. He created the entire world in just six days. Allah Ta‘ala is so powerful, that He never ever feels tired. Even when He created the whole world, He did not feel exhausted or tired.

Allah Ta‘ala created the earth and made all the different types and colours of soil. Allah Ta‘ala made some soil fine and dry, like the sand in the desert, and some soil wet and sticky, like clay. He made some soil brown, some soil red and some soil black. In some places, Allah Ta‘ala placed huge, heavy mountains on the earth, and in other places, He created valleys and open plains.

Allah Ta‘ala created all the different plants and trees. The tall towering trees, the short, thorny bushes, the attractive flowers with their beautiful colours and patterns, and all the different vegetables with their different tastes – all these are the creation of Allah Ta‘ala. Allah Ta‘ala created the beautiful red roses, the crunchy apples, the sweet strawberries, and many other wonderful things.

Allah Ta‘ala created all the oceans and all the rivers on the earth. He made the different oceans and rivers different colours, and made the water of some salty, while others have sweet water. Some He made with high waves and strong tides, while He made others with calm and peaceful water.

Allah Ta‘ala created the sky, high above the earth. In the sky, Allah Ta‘ala placed the sun, to give light and warmth during the day, and the moon and stars, to give light and guidance at night. Allah Ta‘ala also placed clouds in the sky, to rain water onto the plants and to fill the rivers and lakes.

Allah Ta‘ala created all the animals in the ocean. From the eight-legged octopus and the dangerous shark to the delightful dolphin and the gigantic whale – all were created by Allah Ta‘ala. Similarly, Allah Ta‘ala created all the animals on land, like the poisonous snake, the roaring lion, the playful monkey and the tall giraffe. Likewise, Allah Ta‘ala created the birds in the sky, such as the graceful eagles, the pigeons and all the other birds. Allah Ta‘ala even created all the insects, from the buzzing bee and the busy ant to the slow snail and the green grasshopper. Allah Ta‘ala made all these creatures in different colours, shapes and sizes, and made all of them beautiful to look at.

Everything that we see and know was created by Allah Ta‘ala. He created the water we drink, the air we breathe, the sounds that we hear and every other thing in the world.

Why did Allah Ta‘ala create everything? Allah Ta‘ala created this entire world and everything in it for us – the children of Nabi Aadam (‘alaihis salaam). Allah Ta‘ala created everything so that we can use all these things to live in the world while we worship Him and recognize that He is our creator.

That is why we always read the du‘aa when we eat, and thank Allah Ta‘ala for the food He gave us, and we read the du‘aa when we drink, and thank Allah Ta‘ala for what He gave us to drink. When it rains and the plants grow, we remember that the rain is from Allah Ta‘ala and thank Him. Wherever we are in the world, and whatever we look at, it reminds us and makes us think of Allah Ta‘ala, as He is the One who created it so perfectly. We thank Him for everything and worship Him because He is our Creator.