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Hanzalah and the Halaal Snacks


Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 January 2022 08:35

There was once a boy named Hanzalah, who loved to eat sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, ice creams and desserts.

One day, Hanzalah saw that his uncle was going to the supermarket, so he quickly ran to his mother and asked her if he could go with his uncle to buy some snacks. His mother said, “Ok Hanzalah, you can go, but make sure that you stay with your uncle and show him what you want before you take it.” Hanzalah was thrilled and hopped into the car, and in a few minutes, they were in the supermarket.  

When Hanzalah got to the supermarket, he took a trolley and pushed it to the aisle with the sweets, chocolates and snacks. This, was Hanzalah’s favourite part of the whole supermarket!

Hanzalah looked at the different sweets and chocolates, and there were so many to choose from that he didn’t know where to start! Finally, he started at the top of the shelf, choosing a few different sweets and chocolates that he could take and share with his friends. Thereafter, he took a few packets of chips, and finally, he took a few boxes of biscuits.

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Fudhail Visiting the Family


Last Updated on Thursday, 23 December 2021 16:08

The holidays had just started, and Fudhail was very excited. Fudhail lived in Johannesburg, and his father was taking the family to Durban to visit their grandparents. Fudhail was so excited that he started packing his bags one week before! His grandparents always spoiled him, and bought him lots of sweets, chocolates and presents.

Finally, the day came when they all got into the car. As Fudhail’s father started the car, he read the du‘aa for traveling. Then, they got onto the road and set out for Durban!

Fudhail couldn’t wait to reach Durban, so he kept asking his father, “Daddy! How long left?” Fudhail’s father would just laugh and say, “Durban is far away Fudhail! We will reach in the evening insha-Allah!”

Fudhail wanted his father to just keep driving, without stopping, so that they could get to Durban quickly. But, before he knew it, Fudhail’s father stopped! Fudhail was anxious and asked, “Daddy! Why are we stopping?” Fudhail’s father replied, “My cousin lives here Fudhail! I want to visit him! I haven’t seen him in a while!”

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Jameel and the Day of Jumu‘ah


Last Updated on Saturday, 23 October 2021 15:40

Ask our children:

1. Which is the most important and best day of the week?

2. What should a Muslim do on the day of Jumu‘ah?

Now tell them the story:

Jameel was a boy who loved the weekends. He loved the weekends because there was no school, and no madrasah, so he could wake up late, eat waffles and pancakes for breakfast, and play with his friends all day.

One day, when Jameel was in madrasah, Moulana asked the class, “Children! Tell me, which is the best day of the week?” Jameel immediately put his hand up and shouted, “I know! Sunday is the best day! On Sundays, my father doesn’t go to work, so I get to spend time with him!”

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Fussy Faheem


Last Updated on Saturday, 18 September 2021 15:15

Ask our children:

1. Is it fine for Muslims to be fussy?

2. What happens to a person when he is fussy?

3. What should we do if we are fussy?

Now tell them the story:

Once upon a time, there lived a small boy named Faheem. Faheem went to school, and madrasah, and had friends, and was an intelligent and happy child. However, Faheem had one very bad quality – he was fussy. Faheem wanted everything to be a certain way, and if it was not how he wanted it, then he would become very unhappy, and very difficult.

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Forgiving Faheemah


Last Updated on Monday, 16 August 2021 15:22

Ask our children:

1. If someone is bad to us, what should we do?

2. What is the meaning of revenge? Is it better to take revenge or to forgive?

Now tell them the story:

Once, there was a little girl whose name was Faheemah. Faheemah never troubled anyone, but lots of other children troubled her, especially when she went to madrasah.

Sometimes Raheemah would hide her kitaabs, then she would get into trouble because Aapa thought that she lost the kitaabs. Sometimes, Naseemah would put water into her shoes, so when it was time to go home and she tried to wear her shoes, her socks would become wet! Finally, there was another naughty girl named Sameenah who liked to put her dirty, snotty tissues into Faheemah’s bag!

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