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Savouring the Spirit of Ramadhaan - e-book


Allah Ta‘ala, in His infinite mercy has provided us with a great opportunity – the blessed month of Ramadhaan. From abstaining from food, drink and relations during the day to standing in salaah at night, every aspect of this blessed month is ‘custom designed’ to assist us to enjoy some ‘me-and-Allah’ time so that we can cut off from our distractions and reconnect with our Creator.

The secret to making the most of this sacred month is for one to enter the month prepared – especially mentally – so that the moment the moon is sighted, we ‘hit the ground running’ (get off to a good start). In this regard, the aspect of having the correct mind-set and focus cannot be stressed and emphasized sufficiently. When a person’s focus is correct and they have a goal in mind, they not only make the most of the opportunity provided, but even enjoy it and take pleasure in it. Exercising is exhausting, yet certain people do it day after day and relish the activity and exertion. The reason? … They are focused on the end result and know that the effort is worth it.

In exactly the same way, by cultivating the correct focus, we will not only maximize on the month of Ramadhaan, but will even enjoy every moment of it. Standing in salaah, raising our hands in du‘aa at the time of iftaar, waking up for sehri and tahajjud – all these activities will take on a new meaning and will become beloved to us. We will discover a newfound pleasure and ‘sweetness’ in connecting with Allah Ta‘ala that will urge us to relish and cherish every second. This is called ‘Savouring the Spirit of Ramadhaan’.

With the aim of aiding us to cultivate this spirit, various Ramadhaan articles posted on the Uswatul Muslimah website were collected in this book.

We beg Allah Ta‘ala to accept this effort and assist us all to savour the spirit of Ramadhaan, aameen.

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