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Last Updated on Thursday, 28 November 2019 10:42

It is solely through the assistance and grace of Allah Ta‘ala that Uswatul Muslimah has prepared a book entitled “Path to Paradise – Motivation for the Modern Muslimah”. This book comprises of selected articles from the various categories of the website grouped into relevant chapters. 

Since the holidays have commenced, the holiday section of this book can be downloaded here. This section contains articles that are relevant and pertinent to the holidays.

For further holiday articles and audios, visit the “Holiday Specials” category of the website. 

May Allah Ta‘ala keep us all steadfast and in His pleasure during the holidays.


Live Every Day Like a Holiday


Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 December 2019 07:29

Every person’s idea of the ideal holiday is different. Some people find the idea of caravanning across the country to be appealing, while others are attracted by the concept of camping in the wilderness. Others may feel inclined to recline on a quiet, picturesque beach, while there are yet others who spend their holidays commuting from mall-to-mall, in search of the best bargains and most extraordinary deals. Regardless of the form in which the holiday is enjoyed, the underlying concept is the same – to find happiness and joy.

However, the reality of the matter is that NOTHING in this world is stable, constant, reliable and predictable. How many people embarked on their dream holiday, only to have a nightmare unfold? Tsunamis... Delayed flights... Interrogation or detainment by immigration officials... Lost luggage... Inclement weather... Being mugged or robbed... Losing passports...

Even if one’s holiday does not deteriorate into a horror story, the fact still remains that when the holiday is over, all that remains are fading memories and a few mementos. There is no lasting happiness achieved through a holiday, which is why before one holiday can even end, the next holiday is already anticipated and planned.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 29 December 2018 16:59

With the holidays almost at an end, ‘back2’ season has arrived. ‘Back2work’ and ‘back2school’ promotions are aplenty as most people are mobilizing for their return to daily routine.

At this time, it’s not uncommon to see a person with the typical stationery checklist in hand, ticking off items as they peruse through the aisles of the stationery store. Similarly, parents sit with pen to paper as they arrange for their children’s lift clubs and plan for their extracurricular activities.

With the return to the general daily routine, the parents have to accordingly plan their own schedules as well so that they manage to attend to all their duties and fulfil all their responsibilities timeously.

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Safety Manual​


Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 December 2018 15:33

December is that period of the year when beaches across the country are at their busiest. Sadly, in their quest for ‘sun, sand and a splash’, many people lose their lives on the beaches during this period as well. It is for this reason that safety guidelines pertaining to the beach and swimming are generally circulated at this time.

As Muslims, our primary concern at all times – but more so in this season – is for the safety of our imaan. Hence, although as Muslims we will certainly avoid the beach during this period, especially due to the fitnah of nudity, immorality and other vices, as we steer clear of places that are fraught with dangers to our imaan, we can still apply these very same safety guidelines in an effort to protect and save our imaan.

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Holiday @ Home


Last Updated on Thursday, 13 December 2018 08:53

A person’s home is their ultimate sanctuary and place of comfort. Hence, when a child feels threatened, his first instinct is to run home, as home is the place of safety. As our homes are our private places, meant for our comfort and happiness, we tend to spend both time and money on ‘doing up’ our homes until they meet our desired level of safety, comfort, beauty and efficiency.

This is easily witnessed in the money that we spend on painting, tiling, alarm systems, electric fences, state-of-the-art appliances, furniture, linen, Italian flooring, granite counters, German bathroom fittings, air-conditioning, and so on. In fact, some people are so particular in this regard that every room of the home has its own theme to which the curtains, carpet, BIC (built in cupboards), linen and even light switches and plug points have to match!

After all the effort is undertaken and money is spent, the result is a home that is ‘tailor made’ to the exact ‘spec’ of the family living in it. Their home is exactly as they designed, providing comfort, security and even entertainment. Hence, many a home even has its own swimming pool!

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