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The Decision of Children


قَالَ رَبِّ أَنَّىٰ يَكُونُ لِي غُلَامٌ وَقَدْ بَلَغَنِيَ الْكِبَرُ وَامْرَأَتِي عَاقِرٌ ۖ قَالَ كَذَٰلِكَ اللَّـهُ يَفْعَلُ مَا يَشَاءُ

He (Zakariyya [‘alaihis salaam]) said, “O my Rabb, how shall I have a son when old age has come upon me and my wife is barren (unable to bear children)?” He (Allah Ta‘ala) replied, “That is how Allah Ta‘ala does what He wills.” (Surah Aal-‘Imraan v40)

Zakariyya (‘alaihis salaam) expressed surprise when he was informed of the birth of a son and the qualities which this son would possess. The question may arise that when Zakariyya (‘alaihis salaam) had himself mentioned to Allah Ta‘ala that he was aged and his wife was barren, and made the du‘aa with perfect reliance on the power of Allah Ta‘ala, then why was he surprised when he was told that a child was to be born? One simple answer is that his statement was a natural, instinctive expression of surprise - as would occur to any other human upon such an occasion. Although he reacted with instinctive surprise, he still completely understood the power of Allah Ta‘ala.

In this verse, we are reminded that everything happens with the power and decision of Allah Ta‘ala. Allah Ta‘ala may, if he so wishes, provide a married couple with children despite their advanced age, complications, infertility or any doctors opinion. We thus need to place our trust in Allah Ta‘ala.