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Husband Hugging Nieces


Last Updated on Thursday, 07 April 2016 16:16


Assalaamu alaikum

I have a problem and need some help.

My husband has nieces just about my age and little smaller. He has a habit of hugging them when they meet and this hurts me. 

I have tried to explain my feelings to my husband but he doesn’t seem to give it a thought. To him it’s permitted so there is no problem. It is a weakness on my side. I want to speak and let his nieces know that this hurts me though it’s permitted. It’s a daily struggle when it comes to mind and especially when we come in contact with them.

What to do? 

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Tights under the Abaya


Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 March 2016 15:23


Assalaamu ‘alaikum

Respected ‘Ulama

I would like to know what is the ruling of wearing tights under the abaya.

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Not Feeling a Bond with Allah Ta‘ala


Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 March 2016 15:38

Correspondence of  Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (rahimahullah)


I am experiencing much confusion, I do not feel any bond with Allah Ta‘ala and my life is passing by meaninglessl


It is not necessary to feel a bond. Rather, it is necessary to have a bond. The sign of this bond will be that you remain far from sins. If you commit an error, you will seek pardon. Such a life is not meaningless but is most valuable.

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Money Matters


Last Updated on Thursday, 25 February 2016 15:43

1. It is important that the owner of every item in the home be clearly identified and recorded. Exactly what belongs to the husband should be known and exactly what belongs to the wife should likewise be known. If it is not specified and recorded, winding up the estate in the event of one of the spouses passing away will become very difficult and complicated. Nobody will be able to identify the belongings of the deceased partner with certainty.

2. It is not permissible to use the next person’s belongings without their consent and happiness. Failing to specify who the owners of various items are often leads to these items being used without the owner’s permission, thus causing the user to fall into sin.

3. It is important to know that the money which the husband gives to his wife for the running of the home does not belong to her but is rather a trust which should only be used for household expenses. Over and above this, the husband should, on a monthly basis, give his wife some money (based on his income) which she may spend on her personal needs etc.

4. It is advisable for the wife to consult her husband even when spending her personal money. This will increase the unity in their marriage.


Handling my Parents’ Divorce


Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 February 2016 16:11


Assalaamu ‘alaikum

Right now I am having abit of a hard time. My parents are going through a divorce and I maybe a little impatient.

How can I be a better daughter? 


Bismihi Ta‘ala

Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barkaatuh

Respected Sister

This is indeed a great challenge. May Allah Ta‘ala make it easy and remove every difficulty with ease.

Depending on how you handle it, a difficult situation can become much worse or despite the challenge, be something you can manage and take in the stride.

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