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Emulating the Opposite Gender


Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 June 2020 15:17

Allah Ta‘ala, in His infinite wisdom, has designed everything in the world in a most wonderful and unique manner, best suited to fulfilling its function and attending to its needs. For example, Allah Ta‘ala has created the leopard as a predator. Hence, Allah Ta‘ala has given it claws and fangs, and a skin which is spotted for camouflage, so that it may easily hunt prey and thereafter consume its flesh. Conversely, Allah Ta‘ala has created the cow as a herbivore. Hence, Allah Ta‘ala gave it hooves instead of clawed feet, and teeth suited for chewing plants rather than ripping and tearing meat.

In the same manner, Allah Ta‘ala has created men and women to fulfil different functions and attend to different needs in the world. Hence, Allah Ta‘ala has made them distinctly different from one another in their physical, emotional and even mental make-up, and Allah Ta‘ala has accordingly prescribed certain laws and injunctions that are specific to men, and certain laws and injunctions that are specific to women.

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Concealed or Revealed?


Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 March 2020 16:39

As mentioned previously, it is necessary, among other conditions, for a woman’s clothing to cover her entire body and hair (with the exception of her hands till her wrists and feet) before non-mahram men. Furthermore, the clothing should neither be transparent, thus exposing the body, nor should it be tight-fitting, thus revealing the shape of the body and limbs.

Rasululah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) taught the Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) to take these aspects very seriously and practically taught them to dress with hayaa and concealment.

Sayyiduna Dihyah Kalbi (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) narrates, “Rasulullah once received some Egyptian cloths as a gift. Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) then took one of the cloths and gave it to me saying, ‘Cut it in half. Make a kurta with one half, and give the other half to your wife so that she can wear it as a scarf.’ Then, as Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) turned to leave, he said, ‘Instruct your wife to place a cloth beneath the scarf so that her hair is not revealed (due to the thinness of the cloth).’” (Sunan Abi Dawood #4116)

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What to Wear???


Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 February 2020 17:03

How often have we not witnessed someone before their wardrobe, viewing the vast variety of clothing before them, wondering, “What should I wear today? What colour and style should I pick? What should I pair it with?” However, the question arises that while most people primarily choose clothing based on brand, style and fashion, what should a Muslim make their basis of preference when selecting clothing to wear?

In the Quraan Majeed, Allah Ta‘ala mentions, “O children of Aadam (‘alaihis salaam)! We have bestowed you with clothing to conceal your nudity, as well as to be an adornment (for you).” (Surah Aa’raaf v. 26)

The commentators mention that in this verse, by mentioning the aspect of concealing the body before the aspect of adorning the body, the Quraan Majeed impresses upon us that the primary purpose of clothing (i.e. to cover one’s satr) is more important than the secondary benefits of clothing (i.e. adornment). (Ma‘aariful Quraan vol. 3, pg. 534)

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Avoiding the Avenues of Attraction


Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 16:10

As discussed previously, when the need arises for a Muslim woman to emerge from her home, she should do so with complete hayaa, where she is most concealed and attracts the least amount of attention to herself. However, we should bear in mind that there are different avenues of attraction and ways through which attention can be drawn to a woman.

One avenue, of which we are all aware, is that of clothing. Insha-Allah, a separate article will soon be prepared to address this topic. Nevertheless, two pertinent avenues of attraction and attention are:

- Perfume – how often does it not happen that a person’s fragrance is perceived before the person is even heard or seen? Hence, perfume is indeed a potent way for one to draw attention to himself or herself – especially as perfumes are designed to arouse feelings of attraction in a person. Thus, it is impermissible for a woman to apply any perfume or fragrance when leaving the home.

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True Hijaab and Niqaab​


Last Updated on Thursday, 03 October 2019 15:28

There was once a person who possessed a rare, exquisite piece of jewellery, studded with the finest of gemstones. Since he knew the value of the jewellery, and realised that there would be many unscrupulous individuals who would relish the chance to steal it from him, he ensured that he always kept it stored safely in a vault. On the odd occasion when he was forced to remove it from the vault, he employed guards and utilised every security measure imaginable to secure it from theft. However, in the back of his mind, he always acknowledged the stark reality – so long as it was out of the vault, it was at risk of being stolen, EVEN THOUGH he employed the best of guards and security. It was only within the recesses of the vault that his prized jewellery was truly secure. Hence, he knew, within his heart, that as far as possible, his jewellery would have to remain in the vault.

Since we all live in an age of insecurity, where burglaries and other forms of theft are rife and rampant, we can all relate to the example above. However, there is another example which is even more relevant than the one above – the example of the most valuable of all gems – the example of a Muslim woman. A Muslim woman and her hayaa are more valuable and precious than any gem or jewellery. Hence, just as jewellery remains in a vault for the sake of security, a Muslim woman is required to remain in the recesses of her home where her hayaa and imaan will remain safe and protected.

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