Islam is a perfect deen. Part of the perfection of Islam is that together with the general obligations that apply to everyone, many laws are specific to males or females, keeping in mind each one’s specific roles in life, their physiological differences and other unique characteristics. Thus the laws pertaining to males and females differ in many aspects, among which are the postures of salaah, etc. Some of these rulings are briefly discussed hereunder.

Wudhu FAQ (#2)


Q: Does breastfeeding break one’s wudhu?

A: No, the wudhu does not break through breastfeeding.

Q: Is it necessary to remove make-up, nail polish, etc. before making wudhu?

A: If the make-up, nail polish, etc. is non-porous (which is the general case with most cosmetics), it will be necessary to remove it before making wudhu.

Note: Make-up which contains impure substances or causes one to resemble the disbelievers cannot be applied.

Q: Will my salaah be valid if, instead of washing my feet in wudhu, I make masah on my ordinary cotton socks?

A: All four Imaams of fiqh unanimously agree that masah made on ordinary cotton socks is invalid. If the masah is invalid, the wudhu will be incomplete and if the wudhu is incomplete, the salaah will also be invalid.

Q: Is it necessary to wash the elbow in wudhu?

A: It is fardh to wash the elbow in wudhu. If even a portion of the elbow is left dry, the wudhu will be incomplete.