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A Heart of Humility

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A man was once sitting at the airport waiting to board his flight, when out of the blue a random stranger approached him. The stranger sat next to him and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I was seated nearby and my gaze fell on you. As a specialist who has been treating cancer patients for more than 30 years, I noticed certain distinct markers and signs in you which indicate that you likely have cancer. I am only mentioning …

The ‘Dream’ of a King

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Sultaan Mahmood Begra (rahimahullah) ruled over Gujarat in India from the year 863 A.H till 919 A.H. During his rule, Gujarat witnessed a time of safety and prosperity. Furthermore, the different sciences of Islam, including the fields of tajweed and qiraat, were widespread and common in the province. Many illustrious ‘Ulama came to stay in Gujarat at that time.

One of the many people who took advantage of this golden opportunity of learning the sciences of Islam was …

A Fitting Response for Fools

Brief Reminders|

In this world there is no shortage of fools who seek to taunt and harass others merely for their own entertainment and satisfaction. In the Quraan Majeed we learn that among the qualities of the special friends of Allah Ta‘ala is that when they are confronted by foolish people, they avoid confrontation.

When a foolish person taunts someone, it is the reaction of outrage and anger which he craves. He thrives on inciting anger in people. Hence, the …

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