‘Imraan bin Hattaan was a person who was extremely short and unattractive. On the contrary, his wife was very beautiful and attractive.

Once ‘Imraan went home and found that his wife had adorned herself, increasing her beauty. Due to her beauty, his eyes were ‘glued’ to her and he couldn’t tear his gaze away from her. When she noticed the unusual manner in which he was staring at her, she asked him what the matter was. He exclaimed, “By Allah! You are beautiful!” His wife replied, “Glad tidings! We will both enter Jannah.”

‘Imraan was confused and asked her, “How do you know this?” She explained, “Allah Ta‘ala gave you a beautiful woman as a wife and you express shukr (gratitude and thankfulness) for this. Allah Ta‘ala has tested me with an extremely unattractive husband and I exercise sabr (patience) over this. The one who expresses shukr and the one who exercises sabr will both enter Jannah!” (Akhbaarul Azkiyaa pg. 192)