Soooo many scarves… which one do I choose?

Headed to the mirror, I grab my selection of scarves from the closet and wonder how do I make the right choice, they all appear so stunning.

I try them on, one by one, the coral two tone stretch, then the purple colour blend, scrutinising it from every angle possible. The more I try, the deeper I fall into confusion. I decide to ask my mother for her wise opinion. She tells me not to choose the one that looks the prettiest nor the priciest and not even the one that ‘sits’ the best, but rather the one that brings out the best in me.

In the same manner, there are many websites all offering help and guidance. How do we choose the correct one? We choose the one that offers us a multivitamin, a wholesome package, something that’s going to bring out the best of our Deen,  just like how Allah Ta‘ala wants it!

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This website is dedicated to the women, because without a shadow of doubt they have always played a fundamental and vital role in developing a healthy society. They are the homemakers and have a unique ability of getting things done the way they want. If every woman uses this ability to guide her household towards Deen, society would most certainly undergo a phenomenal revolution of reformation, order and dignity.

This website is run by a panel of ‘Ulama under the auspices of Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Isipingo Beach, Durban, South Africa.  The website strives to present the pure and unadulterated teachings of our noble Deen, in complete accordance to the views of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa‘ah.

The website offers informative lessons on tafseer and hadeeth, Islamic rulings related to women, inspirational stories and incidents from the lives of the pious and great women of Islam, guidelines on daily issues, tips on enhancing relationships between spouses, parents and children, etc.

Additionally, there are also audios of women’s events. Most importantly, is there something that you wanted to know? Some issue you needed guidance on? Sometimes a little advice could reduce a mountain of problems to dust. This website offers you a sharee‘ah conducive space to privately address those concerns with the right people.