There was once a woman who hailed from the clan of Taim. She would exert herself in ‘ibaadah to the extent that she would fast for three consecutive days and only spend the fourth day without fasting. Such was her attachment to worshipping Allah Ta‘ala that she would spend all her time in the local musjid and would only emerge to attend to her basic needs.

One day, the great scholar, Ebrahim Taimi (rahimahullah), advised this woman and said to her, “The salaah which you perform in your home is more virtuous and carries more reward than the salaah which you perform in the musjid.”

The woman immediately accepted the advice of Ebrahim (rahimahullah) and left the musjid, proceeding to her home. She thereafter ensured that she performed all her ‘ibaadaat at home and did not leave her home without necessity. This act served to open the doors of even greater spiritual progress for her and was a means of her attaining much more reward.

(Sifatus Safwah vol. 2, pg. 113)


1. Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has himself told us that a woman’s salaah is most virtuous when performed in her home. The advice of Ebrahim Taimi (rahimahullah) was thus in conformity with the teaching of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). The praiseworthy trait of this woman, however, was that she did not demand that Ebrahim Taimi (rahimahullah) produce proof for what he said. Rather, she understood that he was her senior and thus took his advice to heart. This lead to her making much more progress than she would have otherwise made.

2. Accepting correction may cause your pride and ego to be wounded for a few moments. However, it is still infinitely preferable to spending a lifetime in ignorance which will harm you in the Hereafter.